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CHI Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi  is the perfect hair care product for textured and chemically treated hair. I think I can without fail can consider myself a semi-natural girl or a weave girl as I can’t be either or as I’m sometimes even a cornrows or braid girl. Going completely natural would mean than I cut off all my ‘relaxed’ hair and start growing my natural, curly hair straight from the roots. Now, while I might still do that, it doesn’t hurt to receive products from that are meant for textured hair as well as chemically treated hair. With this textured and chemically treated combination, I’ve found the perfect products for my mane of hair.

CHI Hair Brilliance Olive and Monoi is suitable for different kinds of textured hair, meaning, even if you have natural afro hair, you can use the Chi Hair Brilliance range and it will work for you. If you really want to be boujee, you can look for products that are specifically designed for your specific hair. My point of departure is that unless its written ONLY for Caucasian or ONLY for afro textured hair, a good hair product is any that doesn’t have harmful products that can potentially damage your hair.

The harmful products you should look out for while shopping for good hair products should include parabens. If any product contains a paraben, chances are, it’s not good for your hair. Now CHI Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi has come up with the perfect formula, which is inclusive of some of the best hair oils in the hair business. The hair oils found in CHI Deep Brilliance include, Olive oil, Monoi Oil and Sil Proteins’. LOVE Silk Proteins as the name sounds expensive, who wouldn’t want silk on their hair thou? Silk Proteins can penetrate and streghthen hair while reinforcing the strength and structure of weakened hair strains. CHI Deep Brilliance also has Monoi oil, which is one of my favorites and is an oil I’ve been seeing in a lot of Afro textured hair products. Monoi helps repair fine and chemically treated hair. And finally, a round of applause to CHI Deep Brilliance for including Olive oil. I personally stand by Olive oil for food and now I can vouch for it for hair treatments.

For this look, I lightly used the Shampoo and Conditioner on my weave plus hair. As you can see, my weave doesn’t cover my whole head, I left the top part of my natural hair open so the weave can look as natural as possible. And I think I achieved it. Now, after drying it out and applying the hair products that give the weave and hair its shine back I curled my hair and weave a little bit. Once everything was done I used the CHI Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi Smooth Edge, which is the star of this article.

The Chi Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi Smooth edge had me smiling from the second I put it on and many hours later. You know when you’ve bought any edge control product, whether its for Caucasian hair or Afro-textured curly hair, and it becomes flaky or white after drying or starts melting off and looking greasy if you stay too long in the sun? Well, this one did no such thing. I was pleasantly surprised. The CHI Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi Smooth Edge is my new favourite product.

And what’s even better about the CHI Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi Smooth edge is that you can get it online quick quick, when it run out. You can get the intire collcection (Including the Chi Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi Smooth edge) HERE

Thanks again Glamit for the PR Package. Sometimes as a woman, it feels natural to stick to what we know, as we probably don’t have the time, with our busy schedules, to be shopping for new products monthly and truly speaking, what you know has been working for you. But I thank God I’m given the opportunity and platform to try out what I don’t know and eventually come and share these beauty secrets and gems with you guys.

SideNote: The PR package also came with a pair of happy socks and a whole lot more CHI Hair Products which I will reveal soon but Speaking about what I didn’t know, I was also sent a bottle of Pierre Jourdan Brut which was interestingly mad delicious. I say interesting cause I’m more into Semi-Sweet Sparkling wine but I really enjoyed it.


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