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8 Cheugy fashion /lifestyle elements to avoid according Gen Z

Cheugy is a word that is apparently being used by Gen Z to describe Millennials who are a bit off trend, outdated, not wanting to be left behind and perhaps not as cool as they think they are.

Does your fashion style or lifestyle scream Cheugy? Here are 9 ways to find out what’s Cheugy and what is not

  1. Belly Chains are Cheugy, but Body chains are still on trend, thanks to Beyoncé for Ivy Park and Adidas, Halsey at the 2017 Grammys, Irina Sheik, Zoe Kravitz and Gigi Hadid. Body chains are a hot jewelry trend. Body chains are not Cheugy only because people have been wearing them for decades. Most ladies are skeptical about wearing these amazing accessories on their bodies, but I advice you to give it a try. It is the perfect accessory at the beach when you want to sparkle but don’t want to lose earrings to beach waves.  Body chains are perfect for when you want to layer jewelry but want to keep it simple. The trick about this trend is that you can show it off with your amazing bodysuit, reveal it with your favourite summer swimsuit, bare shoulder, plunging neckline dresses, tops, bare back outfits, crop tops and bustiers.
  • 2. Crushed Velvet Dresses are Cheugy: Velvet dresses made a comeback a few years ago but the trend is already dead and should not be revived. I currently own a few dresses I purchased during the Velvet dress era and i obviously do not wear them no more. Whenever I wear those dresses now, I feel Cheugy.

But… wear whatever you like. Just keep in mind that crushed or crinkled velvet can easily look cheap so be very careful of your choices. If you MUST wear Velvet, stick to smooth pieces for a more sophisticated appeal, but to be totally honest… Just do not do it.  

  • 3. Focusing your entire identity on one specific brand is Cheugy. Wearing Designer Logos is Cheugy. It is basically FREE advertising for the brand and you basically shoving it down our throats that you have enough money and can afford luxury brands.  

Wearing a logo is speaking, and in a very lazy way. When one talks to another person and the conversation is polite and wholesome, one does not SHOUT. Wearing LOGOs is speaking BUT DOING IT IN caps.  It is a tacky shortcut to actually putting in the work of choosing an outfit and styling it appropriately. Let us face it: most designer logos worn are announcing “I’m rich AF,” or am I just a hip kid or old with grandma aesthetics.

  • 4. Asking online users for information is very Cheugy especially when everything can be found on Google. To ask social media users (Facebook Twitter, Instagram) simple information that can be found online is annoying and the person that is asking can be seen as not informed or not able to use a smart phone. The fact that you have access to these online users means that you have access to a mobile phone or a desktop. Looking stupid is outdated.

Calling a Movie theatre to find out what time a movie is playing is Cheugy. Calling a restaurant for a menu can also be seen as outdated. But not all information can be found online, especially when living in a 3rd world country.  Some restaurants are still developing. But after what we have been through with the Covivi pandemonium, people should be moving their businesses online and allowing users to interact with them from a browser or instant chat or messenger.

  • 5. Wearing Pyjamas to the mall is extremely Cheugy: Covivi 19 has taught all of us the importance of being comfortable at home and making home life lovable. Before this Panorama, night wear was worn to bed, but it was also unfortunately worn to malls. Rihanna and Chanel popularized the Pyjama trend by wearing flattering, sexy outfits to a night out. If you are going to wear Pyjamas to the mall, make it classy. Take a bath, moisturize and be purposeful about it. Try not to go out with the Pyjamas you spent the entire night sleeping in. That’s Cheugy.
  • 6. Ungenaphi T-shirts are Cheugy: While the ungenaphi t-shirt trend was fun, if you notice, the t-shirts are no longer as fun or as visible on socials as they were a couple of years ago. Wearing t-shirts describing what you are feeling, which tribe you come from and what you had for breakfast is considered Cheugy. The trendy thing to do, according to Gen Z, is to not wear outfits to catch people’s attention. Just be yourself, they say.

Wearing makeup or outfits for someone else other than yourself, and making it obvious, is considered Cheugy. If you do not want to be seen as Cheugy stop caring about what other people think, but make it fashion.

  • 7. Posting your significant other and captioning the post as LOVE LIVES HERE is Cheugy: The internet is tired of seeing the caption LoveLivesHere on couple photos. After the hurricane of dirty laundry landing on social media after celebrities break up, It is clear that the caption LoveLivesHere is mostly to deceive the masses. We all know that relationships have ups and downs and force feeding us your happiness is simply outdated and Cheugy. Nobody cares
  • 8. Making bridesmaids wear ugly and ill-fitting dresses to your wedding is Cheugy. The trendy thing to do is for everyone to look beautiful. Trying too hard to make your bridesmaids look ugly so they don’t outshine you is ridiculous, and your insecurities become obvious.   
  • 9. Wearing Ugg boots is Cheugy: Fashion is ever evolving. Try find some modern replacements.

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