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Cheap Flights from South Africa to the United Kingdom with Emirates

So, unintentionally, I found myself taking an unexpected hiatus from blogging, and that break extended for a little over a month (I know, how can I even claim to be an SA Travel blogger at this point?). This unintended break occurred despite my genuine love for blogging and the eagerness to document all my travels, especially those to the United Kingdom. However, my mind seemed to be on a different wavelength, firmly saying NO to the blogging venture.

For many readers, the concept of home isn’t a distant destination to travel to; it might be a thirty-minute drive, a ten-hour road trip, or a mere one-hour flight away. In my case, home is where my mother is, and currently, she resides in the United Kingdom, Great Britain. It had been a little over two years since I had last seen her or, more accurately, since I had traveled there.

The UK trip typically involves a roughly thirteen-hour flight if you go directly or possibly a twenty-hour-plus journey if connecting flights are part of the equation. Initially, I had grand plans of vlogging the entire trip, keeping the camera rolling to give you all a glimpse into every place I visited. However, reality had other plans. On my last day in Pretoria, I found myself caught up in a whirlwind of last-minute tasks. Tax returns, shopping for things my mom needed, and grabbing a pair of black Converse for the trip – all of this consumed my time, and I had to be at the airport by 7 PM.

Come to Dubai

Emirates was my airline of choice, and as soon as the plane took off towards Dubai (for my connecting flight), I, a cute SA travel blogger, dozed off, and my travel log lost its momentum on these Cheap Flights at a very affordable price. With about an hour at Dubai International Airport before boarding the next flight, there wasn’t much opportunity to log anything. Plus, after such long flights, a quick freshening up and a change of clothes became top priorities. Finally, I landed at Heathrow Airport after having watched at least three in-flight movies. I must say, the food on both journeys wasn’t half bad.

Emirates Cheap Flights

The decision to choose Emirates for my journey was undoubtedly a wise one. Flying from South Africa to the United Kingdom via Dubai offered an enriching experience. The Dubai stopover, even if brief, provided a unique opportunity to witness the city’s futuristic skyline and immerse myself in its vibrant atmosphere. The contrast between the arid landscape surrounding Dubai and the lush scenery of the United Kingdom was nothing short of remarkable.

Emirates, known for its commitment to passenger comfort, lived up to its reputation. The airplane, equipped with modern amenities, ensured a smooth and enjoyable journey. As a traveler, the inflight entertainment system offered a wide array of movies, TV shows, and music, making the long hours in the air fly by. The Emirates cabin crew, attentive and courteous, contributed to the overall positive experience.

The Emirates flight to the United Kingdom via Dubai not only showcased the airline’s dedication to passenger satisfaction but also treated passengers to delectable airplane food. From carefully curated menus to accommodate diverse tastes to the high-quality presentation of meals, Emirates succeeded in making dining at 30,000 feet a delightful experience. The airplane food was not just sustenance; it was a gastronomic journey that complemented the overall travel adventure.

Seats designed for relaxation

The comfort provided by Emirates extended beyond the in-flight experience. The seating arrangements, designed for relaxation, allowed for a good night’s sleep, making the transition between time zones smoother. Emirates prioritizes passenger well-being, evident in the attention to detail when it comes to creating a comfortable and pleasant environment throughout the journey.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re planning your next adventure and looking for cheap flights to turn your travel dreams into reality, Emirates often offers competitive rates for those eager to explore the world. Remember that every journey begins with that first step, or in this case, that first flight. So, explore the world, find those pocket-friendly flights, and let your wanderlust guide you on unforgettable journeys. Safe travels, fellow adventurers!

Now, entering Travel Log 2.0. The initial days were spent in a state of perpetual bliss, mostly catching up on much-needed sleep, especially when surrounded by immediate family. Every morning, I woke up with the intention of starting my travel vlog, but I soon realized that some experiences are meant to be enjoyed in private. Once I accepted that, I could continue relishing and living my best life without the pressure of documenting every moment. However, everything changed one morning when I found a reason to blog.


And that reason was SNOW. One morning, Thenji rushed in, urging me to look outside. Between the sun setting at 3 pm and spending nights on a warm electric blanket, I opened the window to witness a magical sight – SNOW!! While I’ve seen snowfall countless times in movies, series, and sitcoms, experiencing it in real life was an entirely new sensation. The snow became the catalyst for blogging, and with that, I present to you the first travel log of the year and the very first post of 2018. May this year be filled with joy and kindness for you. Last year was kind to me, and I believe this year will be even kinder – just trust it will happen, work towards it, and you’ll be okay.

The snow, pristine and enchanting, captivated me. For those accustomed to European winters or regions where snow is a regular occurrence, it might not be a novelty, but for me – an African child born under the scorching African sky – witnessing snowfall for the first time was life-changing and an absolute delight.

As an SA travel blogger, I’m signing off with fond memories of snow-covered landscapes and the promise of more adventures to come. Here’s to more travels, more discoveries, and more stories to share.

SA travel blogger signing off: xoxo

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