Perfumes and champagne ISSEY MIYAKE


“Too much champagne?”
“Silly girl,” she said, looping her arm through mine. “There’s no such thing as too much champagne. Though your head will try to tell you otherwise tomorrow.”

Champagne Kisses and Rosy Perfumes.

Its four pm in the afternoon and I’m waiting for my man to come home. I came back early because I wanted to surprise him with a warm home cooked meal and a relaxing evening in the garden. The earth is cooler now as it has been really hot the whole day. It feels wonderful, the cool breeze on my skin and hair is amazing. I begin to prepare some chicken skewers for the oven, pieces I had previously marinated. It’s at this point that my man comes back home, having just picked up a new copy of one of my favourite magazines, I sit on the sofa and watch the last 10 minutes of my favourite movie before I switch it off and focus on the book.

I got two bottles of Champaign, same brand. I did that because I knew I’d finish the one bottle before he got back, depending on what time he would be home. He will be home in roughly thirty minutes to an hour so I quickly run myself a bubble bath, open a bottle of Villiera Brut natural chardonnay and soak for 10 minutes before getting serious. My glass of Villiera champagne tastes like a party in my mouth. A delicate wine of distinctive finesse. Villiera is to me not just another sparkling wine, this sparkling wine is to me, another word for champagne. Plus, champagne seems sexier than just wine.

“The thing about champagne, I tell you is, unfailing the cork, unwinding the wire restraint, it is the ultimate associative object. Every time you open a bottle of champagne, it’s a celebration, so there’s no better way of starting a celebration than opening a bottle of champagne. Every time you sip it, you’re sipping from all those other celebrations. The joy accumulates over time.”

After my brief but heavenly dip into pink bubbles and refreshing bath happiness, I quickly get dressed in my favourite whimsical short dress and favourite floral perfume, Issey Miyake. The Issey Miyake Floral perfume is a winner.

The Issey Miyake fragrance features mandarin, rosy, floral and woodsy notes. Its fresh and unique like the other Essey scents, it smells beautiful! Lily of the valley and rose, very soft and tender. Issey Miyake is feminine and airy with the perfect touch of a woody forest. Smells very girly/feminine. Perfect for spring and the perfect evening with your man! The scent is what a pretty girl supposed to smell like. And at this moment, I feel beautiful.

My man finally arrives to skewered, marinated chicken with cauliflower bake in cheese and a side of vegetable stir fry. I greet him in my short flair pink dress at the door and offer him champagne and only after he takes his first sip do I kiss him on the lips. The dinner can wait because my job is not yet done. I get him to sit on the couch, help him take off his shoes, give him a quick shoulder massage THEN offer him dinner.  The rest of the night is a blissful history story. We sat together while listening to soft calming music, had dinner, laughed, cuddled and talked the whole night watching the tiny bubbles flea-jump out the top of  our champagne glasses. It was a magical evening, one I didn’t want my man to ever forget.



Romantic dinners are made out of the perfect perfume combination and champagne kisses. Get your Issey Miyake bottle delivered to you HERE. And your bottle of SPARKLING Villiera HERE


Perfumes and champagne ISSEY MIYAKE
Perfumes and champagne ISSEY MIYAKE

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