Chadwick Boseman Family Fest video and fans dont like his look

Chadwick Boseman Family fest Twitter video got fans questioning if he is alright. Chadwick Boseman Family fest video got people pressed. Some are speculating that he is doing another movie where he has to transform to character. The change in Chadwick Boseman has caused some stir mainly because of his appearance on Marvels Black Panther.

Chadwick Boseman played the king of Wakanda in Black panther and his role required him to be buff, huge , masculine, strong and massive.

It’s honestly unfair to expect actors to look the same as when they appeared in our favorite movies and it’s also very unfair to assume the worst based on a couple of clips online.

The comments online go like:

Oh shit he must be preparing for that new movie Crack Panther.

Looking Rough and like he has aged 10 years and lost weight. Why he looking so rough compared to like last year

Okay. Damn these guys really willing to ruin their looks for them Oscar type roles. Matt Mc did not look the same after Dallas Buyers Club. Christian Bale came back alright from The Machinest. They’re def not lackin dedication

Matt Damon nearly killed himself making Courage Under Fire. I hope these actors do these transformations safely.

Somebody said who the hell is this?? This ain’t Chadwick ???????????????????

comes from He doing that 50 cent movie clearly ?

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