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It’s never too late to become what you might have been; Centurion photographer, Lady Zamar , Love and Style

It’s been a long day and the hours don’t always seem enough. Sometimes I feel like someone has borrowed some of my hours. You wake up, you go to work, you have your hour lunch, you continue work, you go to the gym and you get home, prepare dinner, watch a few T.V shows and go to bed.

This life is obviously a daily routine to a lot of people. I personally think that those that have a whole lot more fun are creatives because their lives are not routine. But as a creative myself, life can get so different and unfamiliar that I look for things to do that are more routine. But because I am a creative, when things become too routine I get bored and so the circle continues.

My one passion in life was to help people realize their full potential, understand that they are not limited by anything and help them to help themselves by planting in them ideas to blow their minds. Open the eyes of those that only see a straight line and add to the eyes different shades of colour for those that only see black and white. It’s my daily job, I understand, but I had bigger dreams.

Do you ever think to yourself,’ I really wanted to do that! What happened’? Well, you will be happy to hear that that kind of thinking happens to the most of us. Dreams derail, dreams shatter, dreams break and dreams get dimmer. But a dream is a dream which can be made to life but, no idea ever sprung up and watered itself.

My point is… although we dream and we have dreamt, the dreams we once had can still be turned into viable and feasible ideas that bring us purpose.

I’ve know lady Zamar for a while now, lol it’s actually been a minute. In every singing group she would be the one that shone the brightest. She has loved music since I can remember. Lady Zamar had a dream, this dream did not take two years to manifest, and it’s been a dream that had been dreamt of night after night.

But Lady Zamar did not give up. She turned her dreams into reality, Lady Zamar gave and spoke life into her gift and here Lady Zamar is today, she is one of the most listened to artists of 2016/2017 and counting. She, Lady Zamar should have given up after what seemed like years and years of recording and nothing solid coming through but that wasn’t the case. Lady Zamar pulled through and now she is LIVING THE DREAM.

Written digital photography did not just start like that. This centurion photographer is one hell of a hard worker. Photography may seem easy to most but give someone a camera that’s not on automatic and watch them squirm with not knowing what to do. This centurion photographer is one of the best in the business. If you check out his instagram handle you will see why, It’s not just photography, it attention to detail, lighting and proper camera settings. If you are looking for a centurion photographer, Marx Makhado is the one to have. I’ve known Marx Makhado for years now; from a smaller camera to the big bad-ass ones he carries now that takes great images. As I said, if you are looking for a centurion photographer, the best centurion photographer you will and is Marx Makhado from written digital photography. I trust him with my optics and you should too. These images n this page are all taken by the one and only, centurion photographer I know. Marx Makhado. And in these images its Lady Zamar and Beliciousmuse Author and what a great job he did. Find him on www.writtendigital.co.za and make a booking today. We all started somewhere but look at him now; THE BEST.

I know that I might seem like I talk too casually about becoming what you might have been but I truly believe it, even when it comes to love. Sometimes we are just sooooo broken but being happy as you promised yourself you wanted to be, is possible. Becoming what you might have been is not just about successful stories of close friends of mine that are making it or have made it, what is life if there is no one to share it with.

The starting point of all achievement is desire. You have to want to be loved by loving yourself unconditionally and soon your soul mate will come. But don’t be fooled, after we have loved and been loved, after we have succeeded and been prosperous and have spent our money, ALL THINGS come to an end. Nothing lasts forever. And we should be happy that nothing lasts forever, imagine a life where pain and heartbreak last forever, even the good things, living forever, LOL like the Vampire Dairies. How different life would be.

Anyway, since I still have to talk about style: Lady Zamar is wearing partly Woolies and Belciousmuse is wearing Partly SissyBoy and Pictures taken by Centurion photographer Marx Makhado of www.writtendigital.co.za . This was such a great day filled with love, happiness, PROSPERITY and joy, which can all be achieved when you believe you can, even when years have passed. Get inspired, Get motivated.

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