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Ocean Basket has launched a fresh spring menu and we were invited to taste a couple of their new dishes. Linda and I were received very nicely by the Centurion Ocean Basket team. I had never been to the Centurion Ocean Basket before, because I’m usually at the Brooklyn mall Ocean Basket. But, when I do go to Ocean Basket, I order the normal stuff; hake, calamari, prawns, green salad etc. So, because we were there to taste their new menu, I was excited to taste new things and for the experience.

What we ordered

We started with their very tasty coolers. It was a hot day, so the fresh drinks really helped us out and made for good starters. When we were asked what we wanted to eat, we ordered a lot from the Meze menu. Sometimes starters can be very filling. So, we asked if the food could come all at once, so that we could taste everything at the same time, and share.

Seafood is a great way to shift to the crisp, clean foods we crave all winter long. And to keep your taste buds tantalized Ocean Basket has added several new dishes alongside your firm favourites. My fave is the pick of the season.

Ocean Basket Summer Menu

I ordered the Fritto Misto. It’s apparently the perfect platter for two: a crispy seafood selection of prawns, calamari and hake covered in light golden batter; a zesty lemon squeeze, fresh salad, chips and two tangy dips. The food was delicious. The prawns and calamari were palatable. The hake pleasant and everything in totality tasty. Simply put, appetizing,

From the meze menu, we choose the Jupiter platter to share, stacked with Mediterranean rice balls, calamari heads, dripping tender halloumi, rich hake goujons, salad and a piquant mouthwatering dipping sauce.


I love salads, wait, I don’t really love them but I’ve grown fond of them, as they keep my figure snatched. Salads are a must in the heat and Ocean Basket has three brand new options:  The Mediterranean Prawn bowl has queen prawns lightly coated with Sesame seeds and accompanied by Ocean Baskets flatbread and crispy salad. the Veg bowl comes heaped with roasted vegetables and halloumi cheese.

We had so much at Centurion Ocean basket and their summer menu is succulent, light, has tons of tender, well prepared bits to choose from and the menu is a breeze to read. So, if you are a fan of Sea Food, Ocean Baskets New summer menu is a must to try.






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