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Cappuccinos Wonderboom Junction in a Party Dress

You guys, at this point, I’m pretty sure you all are aware that Linda and I spend a lot of time together. And we love eating lunch at cappuccinos wonderboom junction. I mean firstly, she is a great friend and secondly, she has mastered the art of taking beautiful pictures. I recently spent a night at my good old friends place and we discussed our friendship and the camera.

Being a blogger, vlogger, or anyone doing digital media, it’s important to surround yourself with people who don’t mind helping you out here and there and don’t feel weird about it. And although some of my friends are some of my biggest supporters, most are afraid of the camera lol. We can’t spend that much time together because I take pictures nearly 50% of the time. So i will always choose Linda.

Now, lets talk about events. Although its all fun and games to go to these awesome events, for me its work. I usually go to an event to take pictures then go home. I sometimes travel with this awesome photographer called Kagiso Motlhamme, and he hates that I spend less than 30 minutes at an event. But, I mean, I get invites to many events, weekdays and weekends and it’s currently not that healthy for me to be out every night, drinking and having a jol. Occasionally its cool.

At this point in my life doing all-nighters drinking isn’t my cup of tea anymore. I have 1000 things to do that entail being good at my day job, coming back home to edit and post blogs, get some reading done and try and eat healthy and drink lots of water. The list goes on.

I have many friends, and the ones I hang out with the most are ones that can use the camera and are not embarrassed to take pictures in public. Its sounds easy, taking pictures in public, but a lot of people feel some type of way about it and I have learnt to understand. Anyway… going back to Linda, love her to bits for being willing to assist me with images. It’s not easy as a woman living away from family, to allow others into my personal space. So, I appreciate my closest family member Linda Modika, for taking the time off her busy schedule and squeezing me in as we hung out at Cappuccinos Wonderboom Junction.

When I purchased this green dress from Superbalist, what I had in mind was a different look to the looks I usually wear. I wanted to look whimsical and playful but more importantly I wanted to look chilled. But styling this green dress from Superbalist I wish I had shown you guys the sneaker version too.

Funny story, when I purchased this dress on the Superbalist website, I remember envisioning how it would look on me. I didn’t use my imagination right that day because although the green dress looks pretty on me, the look is not what I had imagined.  And unless Superbalist only wants to sell clothing to the smaller size 30 girls, I believe that the same dress on the Superbalist website should be modeled by plus size, thicker girls for thick girls that want to shop everywhere and not just at the plus size section.

I LOVE THIS GREEN PARTY DRESS FROM SUPERBALIST BUT, I DON’T LIKE IRONING IT. It wrinkles because of the fabric type and I’m not used to ironing my dresses. Most of my dresses are 90% wash and wear because they stretch.  

When I want to wear green, I try to pick dresses that have a more earthy, natural looking colour. I could never wear a neon green dress like Kim Kardashian wore a couple of months ago, but, even that, wearing a neon green party dress would be possible. Unless the invite said wear NEON. That’s the only time I would wear a neon green dress.  Military green party dresses are grounding, and this particular Superbalist green party dress, although it’s flair, the design keeps the dress from exposing ones buttocks. What I would recommend thou is wear underwear when you wear this dress. Lol. You don’t want to be correcting mistakes.

I wore this military green party dress from Superbalist to a lunch with Linda Modika, but I can also wear it to a date.  I can also wear this green party dress casually with sneakers, my Favorite being converse and vans with a sling bag. This dress is functional and diverse.

Images OF THIS GREEN PARTY DRESS taken at Wonderboom junction Cappuccinos by the incredible Linda Modika. Thank you, Linda, for being the sister I never knew I needed to meet. LOVE YOU TO BITS



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