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Candyman Movie is about racial injustice: A must see

I have just finished watching the Candyman movie. The Candyman movie is an interesting one because it is not just a horror movie, it is so much more than that.  I found myself intrigued while watching the Candyman movie. But after watching it I realized that any movie with Yahya Abdul Mateen highlights the prejudice and racism that black people have had to go through since the beginning of colonization and slavery etc. Yahya Abdul Mateen has played in some of the most eye-opening characters in different movies and series of our generation. If you remember, he was one of the lead actors in Watchmen, the series. There’s also another movie about a young man trying to find his way, trying not to become like his father and trying to pave a different path for himself. And in this movie Yahya Abdul Mateen plays a prominent role. The setup of that movie, All Night, and a Day, is like Candyman in terms of visuals, storyline, and cinematography.


In 1977, at the Cabrini-Green housing projects in Chicago, a young boy comes face-to-face with a man known as Sherman Fields who is known for giving kids candy and wields a hook for a hand. Later on, Fields is accused of putting a razor blade in a piece of candy that ended up in the hands of a white girl and is tracked down by police who viciously beats him.

At first glance, the Candyman movie seems like any other horror movie until you start listening to the undertones of the movie. The Candyman aims to explain racial injustices and stereotypes and uses Horror as its mode of transportation. Towards the end of Candyman movie I began to think about all the scenes where people had died by the hand of the candy man. Or rather not the hand but the hook of the candy man. And you get to realize that many or all the people that had died in the film were all Caucasian and none of them were black. So that opens your eyes to that this is a movie about protecting black people from racist white people, police etc. that abuse the justice system and white people that think that they are above the law in America. Candyman is an amazing movie, and I was blown away by it because I wasn’t expecting it to be that good. It is not just a horror it’s so much deeper than that. And I would tell everyone to go and watch it.

Opening sequence, the mirror effect

it’s interesting to see the opening sequence of Candyman. The movie is produced by universal, and we are so used to seeing the Universe Turn then the universal wording around the globe. This time around everything was mirrored. This was intriguing because UNIVERSAL was preparing us for what’s to come by upping our suspense levels 1000 percent.

Candyman is not scary

The Candyman movie does not have as much blood and gore as other horror movies. And even the people that do die in the movie are mostly out of shot. The Candyman movie doesn’t focus on the Candyman himself but focuses more on other issues like gentrification, racism, and police brutality etc.

The Brave Caucasians in horror movies

so, I was sitting there asking myself if I knew that if I said the Candyman’s name five times while staring in a mirror, and if I knew that after that the Candyman would come to me and the Candyman would kill me. If I knew that fact, why would I want to mention his name five times in the mirror? And that’s when you realize that they used the ‘bravery’ of Caucasians to highlight that black people do not generally do the crazy things to get themselves killed in horror movies. A black person behaves like a black person and does not choose the path of exploration or bravery at 3AM in the morning. Therefore, the black person stays safe from the Candyman.

Brown skin tones in Candyman movie

there is a clear distinction between Caucasians and Black people in Candyman movie. I don’t remember seeing a woman that looked biracial in the Candyman movie. It’s refreshing to see that because a lot of the times black women are biracial more than they are dark skinned in Black Movies. Its honestly a sight for sore eyes to see a black woman being loved unconditionally by a black man on screen. These days black women are mostly biracial in Hollywood. The likes of Amandla Sternberg and Yara Shahidi are the majority in black movies. We are not questioning either of the lady’s blackness because blackness comes in different shades, but seeing darker shades is import for representation purposes.

The Candyman movie plot twist

towards the end I got to understand that the Candyman is a movie about tragedy. Candyman is a tragedy, but it has a double meaning to it as well. On the one hand a man loses his hand and himself to carry on the work of the spirit that has haunted him from a young age. On the other hand, a community gets to have a ‘superhero’ villain/ ghost / vigilante that helps them in times of need. And this is seen when the black woman summons Candyman towards the end. And he doesn’t kill her. He kills everyone else that had tried to make her give a false narrative of the events that occurred prior.

These police officers had killed a man in cold blood, and they wanted her to lie about it or face jail time. The Candyman came to protect her. Which was such a huge plot twist because I was waiting for her to also die like everybody else that had summoned the Candyman, but she didn’t die.

Yahya Abdul Mateen

Yahya Abdul Mateen is an amazing actor. Reminds me of a young Denzel Washington.  I speak of his amazing work because almost all the amazing stories performed using his body as a vessel are proof that possibilities for Yahya are endless.  He must be so proud of the art that he has created through visual media. We see ourselves in these movies and appreciate seeing ourselves through him in some of our favorite genres

Candyman movie is interesting, the people are beautiful, the acting is done correctly. I didn’t see it at the movie theater’s but was able to rent it on Google Play. Please like and share this post with friends and share this movie recommendation. Candyman Movie is a must SEE.

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