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  1. Buy Summer clothes in Winter because: The sales are on! You’re more likely to pick up a bargain during the winter months. A quick tip: you need to be quick! The best merchandise usually flies off the shelves, so don’t leave it too late. Most websites will advertise their sales several days in advance – so there’s no excuse! Remember – you don’t have to wait until the following summer to wear your summer clothes, South African Winter is literally only three months. . If you’re planning a trip somewhere sunny during the winter, buying clothes off season could save you plenty of cash.

2. Buy Summer clothes in Winter because : Summer Clothes can be worn in winter I.E The denim or bright coloured summer mini Skirt. Nothing says summer days more than a fun and flirty mini skirt, and making it winter-appropriate is super easy too. Just swap the slinky top for a jersey and those sky-high heels for metallic ankle or thigh high boots, and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a winter night out.

3. Buy Summer clothes in Winter because: It’s cheaper than buying in the summer! Shopping for clothes off season could save you hundreds of Rands. Believe us – more people than ever before are shopping for holiday clothes in the winter and more winter clothes in the summer. Retailers like us often try and offload any merchandise that hasn’t sold from the previous summer season. Cheaper prices for you! Because there isn’t much demand from other consumers during this time of the year, you’ll be able to shop for everything from skirts to shoes, belts to blouses and save more money than you would do during the summer. But that’s not all. You could make even bigger savings by using a coupon code; Superbalist gives you R250.00 if you are a new customer by simply joining their mailing list. And now they have a SALE

4. Buy summer clothes in Winter because: South African winter is very short. Although a lot of us moan and whale about how cold winter is, South Africans have the longer end of the stick. If you’ve been to a cold continent like Europe in December, you will realize that we are better off, in terms of the cold. South African winter is just three months. Soon as retail shops start advertising winter clothes again, which happens around May, within 2 months’ later retailer owners will start advertising Summer clothes again. So basically, the jump between previous season summer dress, is not THAT big. You will still be on trend in on the 1st of September.

5. Buy summer clothes in Winter because: Some clothes can be worn regardless of the season so buying clothes not in season should not be such a hard thing to do. Wearing all your clothes during the year makes sense because you don’t pack any of them away… So, although there should be a winter section, having all ‘all year’ section is always better. So, all your clothes get a chance to be on your sexy body.

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