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Butt lift leggings and shaper are a woman’s prerogative

Wedding Bliss

A couple of years ago at Slindile’s wedding, we stopped at a Woolies on our way to Durban, to shop some underwear. The underwear needed was butt lifters and stomach flatteners. Each one of her 4 bridesmaids had an area or body part they wanted to enhance or hide. For me it was my tummy, so I got some stomach flattening shapewear and some butt lift leggings for the rest of the weekend but you can check out these wholesale waist trainers with logo here. And, If you want to check out how Slindiles wedding went, go to search and type Slindile’s Wedding.  Amazing images

Bridesmaid shapewear

I have been a bridesmaid a couple of times in my life. Being a bridesmaid is an honour because you get to spend the day with your best friend on her special day. People are looking at the bride, but they are also looking at you. They look at you because you are an extension of the bride. And that is why they call you guys and the bride, the bridal party. Looking good on your best friends’ day is important and if you must slap on the waist trainer and wear the butt lifters, then so be it.

Gym and shapewear

When I was first told about the wedding, I was so excited but soon my excitement turned into anxiety. People will be looking, and I needed to represent my friend in the best possible way. So I started working out a lot more and in the process got a gym subscription.

Because gym can be intimidating, I made sure to go to the gym with some of my cutest gym outfits. When I worked out in cute gym clothes, I was able to work out for longer ours. The best thing I have ever done for myself self and my self-esteem is to look good while exercising. If you ever ask for my advice, I would say… Wear sportswear that is flattering to your body but the best clothing you can possibly wear to the gym is the butt lifting leggings.

Slindiles Wedding

Slindiles wedding was a lot of pressure, but it was a hit. Enjoyed myself thoroughly. And I looked good in my cute yellow Zulu Traditional skirt.

butt lift leggings

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