Creating Burnt Orange smokey eye with Patricia Bright Revolution Palette

It might seem like i am creating the same look (burnt orange smokey eye) over and over again, but i am not. When you look at THIS post, you will see the large differences between all the three looks we have posted over the past couple of days. The Patricia Bright Palette has the colours i want to wear to work and to play . The Patricia Bright and Makeup Revolution Palette is perfect in creating the perfect golden brown smokey eye because it has so many shades of brown. This palette is insane! When i first saw the palette, of which i talked so much about in the previous article, you will notice that as soon as i opened the palette, the colours jumped at me and i immediately fell in love.

The Love i felt for the Patrica Bright and Makeup Revolution was created because absolutely all the colours are suitable for darker skin tones. Or rather… African skin tones. The different shades of brown in the Patricia Bright and Makeup Revolution Palette are from a black girls dreams. It’s insane how a makeup palette can literally speak to a human being in this way.

burnt orange smokey Eye
burnt orange smokey Eye

Creating the perfect Golden Brown Smokey Eye

Sooo… This afternoon did not just start with some awesome pictures of a pretty girl in brown makeup. Lol!! Far from it. This afternoon started with a huge trial and error look which consisted of a whole lot of blues, greens and yellows. I though that i should try new things. Well, that was a dud!! It backfired tremendously.

And now i know why certain colours in a palette are arranged the way they are arranged. It’s because those colours ‘go together’. My oh my, at some point during this afternoon i started to look like a clown while applying those green and blue shades. And it didn’t help that the eye lashes i was using didn’t want to stick. It felt like a nightmare.

Golden Brown Smokey Eye Revolution Beauty Patricia Bright palette
Golden Brown Smokey Eye Revolution Beauty Patricia Bright palette

Eye lash Glue guide for Golden Brown Eyelids

When buying eyelashes and eye lash glue. Try not to purchase the eyelash glue at ‘Chinese Shops’. I am telling you now, things will start to fall apart.. The mistake i made was convincing myself that all eyelash glues are made equal, which was obviously a lie. Get the best Eyelash Glue from HERE, HERE and HERE.

Burnt Orange Smokey Eye Makeup Look of the Day (MOTD)

So, lets start with the Eyes. The Eye shadow colours are from Patricia Bright and Makeup Revolution Palette and the colours are: Brown Sugar, Booked and Busy, No Drama and Icon on the inner corners of the Eyelids.

The Lips – to complete this burnt orange smokey eye: The lipstick combination i used here is very simple. I used a brown lip liner to line the lips. Then i painted my lips with one of my favourite nude Lip colours from Mac. The one and only SO ME! So me is a perfect light, slightly pink nude lip colour for brown girls. Especially my skin tone. And at one point in my life, SO ME was really hard to get. I had to wait months till it was back in stock again. Mac Cosmetics Lip sticks are long wearing as well as long lasting. FYI

Let’s talk about skin: The primer i used is from Loreal Paris. It is the mattifying primer. The Foundation i used is from AVON and the shade is called WALNUT! I usually used Estee Lauder foundation but what good is a beauty blog if it cannot give you different varieties on foundations!

burnt orange smokey Eye
burnt orange smokey Eye: Patricia Bright Revolution Beauty

Lets Get Cheeky with this Smokey

For highlight, i used the Fenty Beauty Killawatt, trophy wife, which is a highlight that i have used a couple of times. Check out THIS ARTICLE HERE.

Accessories: The face accessory is actually a body chain i purchased some couple of years back. I have used this body chain at least once on this blog and you can see those pictures HERE! It has been sitting on my dressing table for some time now and i see no use of keeping something that has no more use. So.. instead of perhaps throwing it away, i have reused it as a face accessory. And i think it looks awesome.

If you are wondering how does this Burnt orange dress look in full. Wonder no more. Check out pictures of the dress HERE. The burnt orange dress images where taken on vacation in the UK. And now that i think about it, i might do another fashion shoot right here in South Africa and see how the dress glistens in the sun. Keep checking out this space. And make sure to come back tomorrow for a new article on


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  1. OMG! That is one of the most amazing burnt orange smoke eye I have seen in a while <3
    More power to you!

    1. Thank you so much ❤

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