burnt orange ruched Midi Dress.

Burnt orange ruched midi dress and 2019 in review

The burnt orange ruched midi dress

It’s been an interesting year. 2019 has been eye opening as well as enlightening. But, as my last post for 2019 goes, I’m happy I am closing 2019 off in a burnt orange Ruched Midi Dress. This dress is very light. It unfortunately doesn’t have a double layer or layering. It does, however, have double layering on the boobs. I love the ruching on the dress.

The burnt orange ruched midi dress provides shape to the body but, one must wear under garments or shape wear if you are a little uncomfortable with a little meat hanging from love handles. That’s why we have brands like SKIMS etc. to help us when we want things to be a little bit more sucked-in or cinched.

In 2019 i fell in love again! I love hard so I get scared to love too soon. I fell in love again and again with the same person until I realized that sometimes two people are perfect for each other, but not at that specific time. We were and will always be perfect for each other but circumstances drew us apart.

2019 made me a little bit less naive about death. I have lost friends this year and my friends have lost loved ones. It’s life, loosing people. But, we never expect it to happen to us or to someone close to us. It’s been a hard pill to swallow. But a pill that had to be swallowed.

Blogging and sustainable fashion in an orange Midi dress

2019 February saw beliciousmuse move from one host to the other and potentially lose data. But, I feel like I didn’t learn from the 1st experience because it happened again. The bottom line is ‘backup’. Backup all the information before moving the website to another server.

Lo and behold, in the December of 2019 beliciousmuse got deleted from google. Yep, it happened again. Lucky for me, the host I was on had a backup. But, believe me when I say that retrieving that backup was expensive. It was one of my most expensive mistakes I’ve made in 2019. I could have used that money on anything else. Shopping in the UK, Travel and even food. This only taught me that before taking major decisions in terms of life, work, career or anything that is important, always look and re-look at the situation before deciding on a way forward.


My career has taking a stand still, in terms of what I do for work, my day job. But, thank God for vacations because time apart and time away can give one clarity on things. I want to change my career but not do a drastic change immediately.

What is important is building and developing skills.  Can your skills be transferred and taught to someone else? Then teach. Can your skills evolve, than do so? But, if ANYONE else can do your job, that is not necessarily a skill. I realized that I need to nurture my skills and cultivate them. And the key to employment success in South Africa is skills development. You would swear that this is common knowledge but it’s not


Hhhhmmmm… Love. Love is blind? Not me. Love is patient. But, is love patient? Because I’ve lost my patience for it. I think we are all done with people who cannot make up their minds about someone or something and commit. I am tired of hearing what I want to hear and I think hearing what a guy REALLY wants will be refreshing. A grown woman will say what she wants to say and she will agree to what she wants to agree to. When it comes to love I keep learning. We learn to adapt, we learnt to compromise and we do learn to not allow the muscles or money to distract us from reality.

Hopefully i’ll see you guys in the next year as it is my birthday a couple of hours from now. Yep a 1st of January New Year’s baby.  Me in my burnt orange ruched dress from Femmeluxe.

Thank you all for the wonderful year. The shares, likes and comments. Especially my lit and very opinionated Facebook fans. I love you guys! Take care and God bless.

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  1. Glad to be one of many visitors on this awe inspiring web site : D.

    1. Glad you enjoying the experience. I really appreciate it

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