Burna Boy Pull Up video review

Burna Boy Pull up Video review

Burna Boy has done is again in the New Burna Boy Pull Up video. The Burna Boy Pull up Video is a hit for people that love Afro Beats everywhere in the world. The Song makes use of soft acoustic sounds and Burna Boys voice is soothing and lovable. Maybe its lovable because of the lyrics of the song?

Burna Boy Pull Up Lyrics

24/7 girl you dey for my brain
And I know you want me to go down on my knee
Heard you can’t eat, I heard you no fi sleep (fi sleep)
And I want you to know girl that it’s not that deep

So what up? You alright?
I pull up, I’m outside
What’s up? You alright?
Pull up, girl I’m outside

A million ways I swear I prove you wrong (you wrong)
‘Cause I love you for life, you no go understand
Na small thing, if I burst out millions for you (for you)
Girl I no even mind, I no go think twice

Pull up is a single from African Giant

Burn Boy Pull up is a song from the New Album African Giant. The audio was released 23 July and has since garnered nearly half a million views online. The song is catchy and the video more fun, chilled and a perfect representation of a hot summer with beautiful, African, brown skin girls.

Brown Skin Girls

Having Brown skin girls, or very dark skin girls in videos is not a new thing. In the past, only supermodels like Naomi Campbell would make it in such music videos and it would be a wow. But these days, a lot more producers and casting directors are choosing to go all the way when it comes to brown skin girls. And we love it.

In the past musicians used to be obsessed with just only Caucasian or mixed girls or very light skin black girls in music videos. Although its beautiful seeing any kind and type of females in music videos regardless of race fully dressed, its even more beautiful seeing dark skin girls being represented in the wider media.

The say that the media shapes what we see as desirable. But these days, its the consumer that has had it with only seeing one type of woman being represented in mainstream media. And we the consumers have demanded to see a more versatile music and movie industry. Some Marketers say that people do not want to see dark skin girls on TV and that brown skin girls don’t sell, ANYTHIHG. But Burna Boy, Normani, WizKID and even Beyonce would beg to differ.

The age of not being included has come to an end and all races shall be represented , and not just in bikinis and thongs

Beatrice Thandi Banda

Pull Up Video Makeup and Burna Boy style

The Burna Boy Pull up Video is chock-full of life and bright colours. The music video takes us on a journey with bright, beautiful and clear skin, dark skin young girls. There are lot of neutral colours with pops of colour here and there in regards to eyeshadow. And the biggest pop of colour of them ALL, Burna Boy in a Yellow Jumpsuit with his beautiful melanin filled skin and well built body


The hair in everyone on Burna Boy Pull up Video is all natural. There is no weave insight. One girls is rocking the Bantu Knots and she has added streaks of yellow in them which look absolutely gorgeous

One on the cos stars in Burn Boy Pull up has long dreadlocks. This seems to symbolize that although Africans have curly hair, they an still grow this hair very long.

The other very melanin girl has a cute and short afro and this is symbolic of the natural state of hair on an African girl child. Neat, beautiful, defying gravity

Pull Up Video Shot in America (Roccos Pizza)

Ok Burna Boy, we see you. And although this is not the first video of Burna Boy shooting outside of AFRICA, it is the first one where such an American land mark (Roccos Pizza) has been used. We see you Burna Boy. Keep growing and keep leading the way.



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