burgundy eye shadow for black girls maybelline burgundy bar

Burgundy Eye shadow Palette for black girls.

Burgundy eye shadow: Maybelline Burgundy Bar for black girls

I’ve never worn Burgundy eye shadow to this magnitude. But 4 years ago, I would have enjoyed wearing burgundy eye shadow with THIS look. I think wearing a Burgundy dress with a beautiful Burgundy eye shadow look with a matte, nude lip and cheeks is fire!!! The pop of burgundy colour on a nude face is remarkable.

Maybelline Launched the Burgundy Bar in 2017 but the Burgundy Pallet is still relevant today. The Burgundy Bar can be used at any time of the year because of its diverse shades. The Maybelline Burgundy Bar comes in 12 shades. It can be used to create edgy looks as well as luxurious looks.  You can create up to thirteen eye shadow looks with deep burgundies and glimmering golds, soft browns and bold coppers in one palette.

Burgundy eyeshadow pallet are perfect for all skin tones especially the dark skin tones. Because the colour Burgundy is so close to African girls’ brown skin tones, it sometimes works as a nude.

You can use the Burgundy Bar in Quads, Trios and Duos.


Quads: 1. Color entire eye area. 2. Shade lid. 3. Contour crease. 4. Line around eye.
Trios: 1. Color entire eye area 2. Shade lid. 3. Contour crease.
Duos: 1. Shade lid. 2. Contour crease.

The Maybelline Website offers some cool tips. They have a feature that allows you to either upload a photo of yourself and see how the Pallet is going to looks on you or Access the camera and receive a true view of how the burgundy Eye shadow colours will look on you. It’s neat. Try it HERE.

Why everyone should own the Burgundy Eye shadow pallet.

The Maybelline Burgundy Bar is perfect for black girls because of the variety of shades in the pallet.  And I think it’s important to know that the Burgundy Bar can be worn or used on a wedding day etc. Anyone can have fun with makeup and do whatever they like with it. But, I’ve come to appreciate that when you wear a very bold eye shadow look, try to make the lips the opposite colour or simply nude and fresh. Same lip, cheek and eye shadow colour makes your makeup look dated.

Burgundy Eye shadow for black girls is a dream.

I used five colours from the Maybelline Burgundy Bar to create this look.

Top Bar is colours 1 to 6. Bottom Bars are Colours 7 to12.

  1. Filled the entire eyelid with: Colour 3
  2. Filled outer corner with: Colour 12, Dark Brow
  3. Filled inner corners with: Colour 4
  4. Filled middle highlight with: Eye shadow 8 and 11.

Lips: Huda Beauty Lip Pencil: Colour Lip Contour Matte Pencil Spice Girl and Essence colour boost mad about matte liquid lipstick in the colour Dusty Romance

All other Makeup:

  1. Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. Get It AT Foschini Online  HERE
  2. Foundation: Maybelline Fit me foundation colour 360. Get it for cheaper at Takealot HERE.
  3. Face Powder: Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Plus NW45 Powder. Get it from A Mac Store or Superbalist.
  4. Blush and Highlight: LA Girl Beauty Brick: Spice
  5. Concealer: Maybelline Fit me concealer: Colour number 45 and 50.
  6. Concealer and Under eye setting powder:  La Girl Loose powder Sealed HD PRO Banana Yellow
  7. More highlight: Maybelline Burgundy Bar: Colour 5.

Beautiful Eyeshadow palettes are hard to find in South Africa, and Eye shadow pallets that compliment black girls are also not that easy to find. The Maybelline Burgundy Bar can be purchased at Dischem, Foschini, Superbalist, Takealot is obviously cheaper, Clicks and Zando.

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