The Burgundy Eye shadow look creation with Gold hints

Gold Burgundy Eye shadow look

I love makeup that makes me look good. I will wear an extravagant makeup look for the blog, but its not my thing to wear very bright, over the top looks during the day or anywhere near the office. I like to keep things plain and simple. But on this particular day, i chose to experiment a little bit with the new INGLOT Eye shadow pallet i got over the weekend and really play with the colours in creating this gold Burgundy Eye makeup look. I am totally obsessed with this Burgundy eye shadow look.

The Foundation

It is no secret that i am a huge fan of Estee Lauder Foundation. My go to Estee Lauder Foundation shade is the Rich Cocoa. Over time i have learnt to trust Estee Lauder and their products and i have come to appreciate the value in purchasing good, affordable but a bit high end foundations.

The Estee Lauder Rich Cocoa Double Wear is absolutely perfection. This is by far the only Liquid foundation i have tested that does not transfer. With most other foundations, you must be careful when hugging anyone. Especially people who regularly wear white shirts or blouses. But with Estee Lauder, you can be a bit more relaxed. The foundation will transfer when or if you smear it. But it will not transfer if or when you touch it.

Burgundy Lipstick

The Lipstick is definitely not Burgundy but the pink has shades of Burgundy. Makeup is supposed to be fun. So, throw away all the rules and wear what makes you happy. In another planet, i would not wear burgundy with burgundy but what the heck. Do you boo!

Blush and High light

The Blush is a light pink but i tried mixing it with a bit of Gold highlight. Sometimes, for pictures, one must put a whole lot of Product so that the camera can capture it. So, that is a lesson for the next time i wear blush and highlight. Sometimes, that sometimes being this time, MORE IS MORE!

Burgundy Eye Shadow Look

I used two burgundy eye shadows for this look. The darker one i used on the outer corner of the eye and the lighter one i used all over the eye lid. The golden comers at the inner corners of the eye i used Fenty Beauty Killowatt Trophy Wife. And that is how i created this Golden Burgundy Eye shadow look.

Makeup of the Day

  1. Burgundy Eye shadow: INGLOT. Cant really tell you what the colours are because with INGLOT, You choose the shadows in your chosen pallet. I chose the Ten Piece Pallet with Eight shadows. The shadows are very pigmented and i encourage you to purchase any shadows from INGLOT and create your own palettes other than buying an already made eye shadow palette which might contain colours you might never use.
  2. High lighter: Fenty beauty Killawatt – Trophy Wife.
  3. Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics Velvet Punch and Revlon Ultra H.D Matte Lip Colour DEVOTION.
  4. Concealers: Loreal Paris More than concealer number 338 Honey and L.A Girl concealers in the colour Chestnut.
  5. Blush: L.A Girl Blush Collection in the SPICE Palette
  6. Face Powder: Estee Louder Double Wear Compact powder in the colour Amber Honey.
  7. Primer: Loreal Paris: Infallible mattifying base.

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