A simple brown Jersey dress

Brown jersey dress inspiration

Winter is almost almost over. So today i present to you the case of the brown jersey dress. Some of you guys already know, I’m not a winter fan, I enjoy the blazing sun and humid weather, I don’t like winter at all.

But what makes winter bearable for me, is great winter fashion. I like wearing some of the things I wear in summer, obviously tweaked a little to meet the winter needs. What I hate most about winter is the layering; I don’t like layering at all so this brown jersey dress is to me the perfect winter item of clothing.

The perfect brown jersey Dress

I love wearing dresses. So buying this brown jersey dress was a delight. I get to wear dresses in winter but also keep warm without wearing an actual jacket. Me, I am not the biggest fan of covering up. Although i grew up in a very modest christian home, i hated wearing layers and layers of clothing in winter. I think i have a unique body. I am big boned. I am a very big woman and by big i mean i am not petite. Even if i had to lose a lot of weight i would still not look petite. I would look more tall and lanky. Which i have grown to love. 

I am the tallest girl at home. In a family with 3 girl, me included, there is unfortunately only one boy. Its a good thing that he has now become the tallest out of all of us. I was starting to feel a bit lonely up there in the clouds all by myself. The love i have for my little brother  is massive, he is the best.

Fashion for Curvy Girls

I am also  very curvy girl. My curves are endless. So showing them off is what i look for when ever i wan to purchase an item of clothing. I buy very tight dresses for the night time party scene but i enjoy a bit loose dresses for day time, like this brown jersey dress. Wearing jersey dresses eliminates the problem of wearing too many clothes all at the same time. i am very minimalistic. 

This particular Brown winter jersey dress keeps a girl’s sexy silhouette and makes sure the look is feminine. What I like most about winter jersey dresses is the many ways they can be styled in terms of shoes, accessories, hairstyles etc. In these images I’m wearing pink warm socks with my favorite pair of heels.


I didn’t really want the contrast but it worked out in the end. If you don’t want to look too contrasting, wearing grey or black socks keeps the look classic. Grey or black is a bit too bland for me, but each his or her own. Fashion is about experimenting and every day to me is an experiment. And if I like It, I will wear it again, a bit differently of course. If I don’t like it, there is always the next day to try another experiment. As long as you are comfortable, just don’t be too safe.

The bag is from SPREE as well, ordered them the same day and arrived 3 days later. I love how efficient SPREE is with their online orders. The brown winter jersey dress is perfect for office wear, evening dinner and paired with a pair of converse all-stars, perfect for just lounging with friends. I kept the nails nude because they look good on the brown and made sure the lips stood out as it seemed like I was wearing  a whole lot of nude brown so my lips as well as my shoes had to pop. Lipstick i’m Wearing is flat out fabulous from MAC COSMETICS.

Outfit details

The shoes are Loubs (knock off), but probably the most expensive pair of shoes I got in my closet and the Neck piece is from Heart and heritage. Hair is inspired by the Kardashians I mean, don’t they all look good in this hairstyle? Absolutely. Even thou people have issues with cultural in-appropriation, I think it’s very irrelevant. Braids have been worn by whites and blacks since forever. Its not a cultural or race thing, it’s just a hair thing 😉

Brown jersey dress fashion shoot

Shots taken in Pretoria by the talented Kagiso Motlhamme for Klear View Media. Was a weird thing taking pictures in the middle of the city, people would just stare, lol was fun thou and  abit dangerous. At one point we almost got hit by a car #MXM the things we go through to produce great pictures for you guys, so you guys better show us some love by sharing these images with your people but most importantly-  Please share if you think a friend would want to wear this dress for winter. Link to dress is here.

Thank you



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