Brown floral mini dress not to be missed at Forever New

I am so excited to post this look. This is a look I wore over the past weekend. Kagiso and I went to this amazing place that serves Gin Sundays and it was fantastic. Wearing flowy dresses is always best when worn in any month other than August. If I had worn this dress in August, I would not have been comfortable at all. And if I must explain, August is one of South Africa’s most windy months. This Brown floral mini dress is from Forever New. What made this Forever New Brown floral Mini dress so perfect to wear over the weekend is the fact that, although it is short, it has layers that prevent the dress from flying in different directions and exposing my hoohaas.

I did not get the chance to post this look on Monday because I had so much to do. Had issues with Boyfriend, now I am singe again. But it is SOOO much better than wondering if someone is being honest with you or not. Wow, that is a lot. I hardly share my personal life on this blog. Well, there is a first time for everything. But wait… I have shared a lot of personal stuff on Beliciousmuse years ago. Today I am inspired. I have recently resurrected my love for writing, editing, and creating blog posts for you, so I guess my love for blogging has made me want to be more open and share much more. But I digress. Today we are talking about the Forever New Brown Floral Mini dress and its sassiness.

I am so in love with these floral dresses from Forever New! I have always loved wearing mini dresses. We all know that I love my legs and every part of my body. I sometimes say that I love every part of my body only because it is true. This is the only body I will ever have. I am not going to get a new one. So, I am grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with.

I am writing this blog post at 12 Midnight while eying a glass of gin and tonic on my bed side table. I prepared the drink a bit earlier this evening and now my heart is broken because I am seeing the ice cubes melt. #CueSadMusic. Cannot wait to be done with the day and the blog to I can cuddle and watch the last episode of HALO on Paramount+. It is a show I did not think I would like but I am lying. I enjoy Science fiction, so there was a 70 percent chance I was going to love it. The science fiction series I hate are those ones with little to no story line and horrible CGI.

Going back to Forever New Brown floral mini dress

I have enjoyed wearing Forever New dresses. I just cannot wear them everywhere because I live in South Africa where a woman’s freedom of clothing is constantly being questioned and her freedom to do anything is barred by misogynistic men that live on the need to control women and women’s bodies. Because of that I wear certain clothing only in certain parts of south Africa. I would NEVER WEAR such a short dress to a taxi rank in any major towns Central Business District and I would also never wear such short dress if I were in anyone else’s transport other than mine. I do that so that if ever I need to change, I have an extra pair of clothing in the boot.

Styling Forever New Brown Floral Mini dress

You can wear this Forever New Brown Floral mini dress with Anything you like. However, the most important accessory you need while wearing this Forever New Brown floral mini dress is BIG confidence. You must wear this dress with your chest. You cannot be looking shy or weak in this dress. This dress should scream POWER while it is on your body. Period. Do not be apologetic. Let them talk. From the Forever New Dress we reviewed sometime this week, which dress do you like the most? The Pink and Black floral Mini dress or the Brown Floral short dress. Please post your  comment down below.

I should end this blog here. I have so much to do in the morning, it is ridiculous. I first have work. Then I have to assist a friend in creating a doccie. I have a date in the evening. Then hopefully be back home and work on the next article for that needs to be up and live by Sunday Evening for Monday readers.

Timeless and Classic Dresses at Forever New

Forever new has the ability of making any dress look timeless and classic. Every dress looks like is made from the best quality. Forever new makes dresses for varied sizes and body types but I love that even I can fit in their petite collection. Love that for myself.

I have always been a thick girl but that has NEVER stopped me from living my best life and wearing what TF I want. Imagine not wearing what you like because someone else thinks it does not look good on you? The Audacity. Wait, who is the trend setter here? Lol I am just kidding. Anyway… as I start proof reading and looking for grammar mistakes to correct, please like, share, and subscribe to this blog. It really goes a long way…

Always Remember, Confidence is your greatest asset

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