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Sometimes when life gets hard, before looking for solutions, take a moment and just BREATHE

I can’t remember the last time I took leave but im pretty sure that now is the time. I’ve had alot on my mind,  and some not yet resolved, which eventually leads to stress which then leads to depression and at times weight gain. Sometimes all a girl needs is a break. To relax, clear her mind then think and regroup and carry on with her life.

My thoughts have been on family etc. Creating My own and just missing my lovely mother. Well, when I do see her it’s alot of rules etc so we quickly get over the missing part but, when im away from her… I miss her dearly.

Life can sometimes be hard but life is easier with a partner. Be it sisters or brothers that got your back or just in a loving and caring and supportive relationship with a significant other. I mean,business is sooo much better and easier with a business partner other than alone or by yourself.

But for some of us who once trusted too much, life can get a little grey with no rays of sunlight for months. There is a saying, those that are the coldest and more pessimistic once trusted the most. But unfortunately life happens. But I can’t blame myself, and neither can I blame God cause Im still alive today because God carried me through and he continues to do so.

  1. Anyway… as soon as im done writing this piece im gonna put in a request at work to go on leave because sometimes when things ain’t going right all you need to do is sit down and BREATHE for a few moments, relax and regroup.

Hopefully this break will do me good, God knows i need it and not just to rest the body but to also rest the mind



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