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 Recently got invited to breakfast by  the Rooibos Daily Repair Facial Oil African Extracts team. Me and a couple of bloggers  got to experience  the new Product first hand and I can now tell you how Rooibos Daily Repair  Facial  oil cream actually feels and if you should invest in it or not.
The New Rooibos daily repair facial oil is Dry, which is perfect for oily skin… it’s a moisturising oil but it’s “dry”.
The Rooibos Daily Repair facial oil does help in making skin a bit more supple and that’s all I’ve seen on my own skin.
The range is called Advantage: The Rooibos daily Repair facial oil has natural advantages of Bio-Active Rooibos extract and plant-based anti-ageing complexes to protect your skin against environmental and lifestyle stress – and be your best age ever.
Now just a bit of vital information  for your leisure about the Rooibos Daily Repair facial oil.
1. Protection
Rooibos Daily Repair facial oil protects   against environmental damage from the sun and pollution that causes premature ageing.
2. Minimises dark spots
It reduces the appearance of dark marks and dark spots.
3. Skin brightening
It helps to brighten and even skin tone, restoring your natural radiance.
4. 100% Natural
It’s made with 100% naturally derived ingredients.
5. Plant power
It’s packed with flower power – from rose, lavender, geranium and chamomile to jojoba and neem seed oil, and rooibos, of course.
6. Non-greasy
It’s so light and non-greasy – you would never think it’s an oil!
7. Beauty Without Cruelty: It’s endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty – no animal testing.


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