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I admire women that have the ability to walk into a room full of people, minding their own business, and immediately take over the spotlight evident of the quieting room filled with the bits and pieces of hush hush.

You may love or hate her, it doesn’t matter, she knows she’s gorgeous; she knows YOU are talking about her and she knows you have all hushed down because she asked you to simply by walking into that room. Unsaid words and the power of body language all begin in the mind. She had a voice way before she walked into that room. She commanded your attention way back and YOU gave it to her in the present.

While she might be beautiful, remember that beauty is in the eyes that see the image. I’ve seen ‘normal’ looking women command attention and they get it, effortlessly, every single time!

‘In awe I stared at her 2 round size 38 buttocks as she waltz by me in the cafe and placed herself by the window table that took in all the light’.

Seduction, command of respect, attention etc. are qualities that rise from knowing oneself very well and telling oneself over and over again that ‘I am…. , ofcoure they will want/ like/ love me, why wouldn’t they? I am a classy woman and I am friendly, making friends is easy, scared of what? Scared of who? If anyone is to be afraid it’s them’. And once the head is right, the body follows.

It’s not about having the most expensive; it’s about looking the part. It’s not about being thick, skinny or fat; it’s about accepting yourself for who you are and rocking that version of you all the time. Be the woman when men and women look at you, they look past your body and they say, WOW!!! What a woman.

Beauty is how you feel. Feel beautiful and you are beautiful but it helps to put on some Vaseline on those lips, a little color on the cheeks and a crown of hair from the gods.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my own hair, a lot. But I also love weaves. Weaves have the power to transform any look to which ever you want and today I’ve chosen Princess Jasmine for inspiration. A little resemblance there I see, not a lot, but it works.

I chose the 24 inch Straight weave hair from VIP HAIR SA. It’s been on my head for a couple of days now and I really love the look and feel of it. So now you don’t have to travel to hell and back looking for a good weave, VIP HAIR SA is right in your neighborhood and they courier and ship local as well as worldwide. Contact Clifford @ +27 76 488 2528 and BBM Pin 2B03AACF.

Be a woman they never forget and remember that practice makes perfect. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen, fine tune the game.

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  1. Lesego says:

    What is the brand of the hair? peruvian, brazzilian?

    1. its Brazilian straight love 🙂 hope this helps

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