Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions, and facts
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Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair?

Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions about the hairy peach and, facts

I used to think that most men, if not all men, liked hairless cookies. The topic of intimacy between couples is such a taboo topic to talk about, that even educative conversations about it from parent to child can be a bit awkward. I assume that it wasn’t easy for our dad to talk to us about the birds and the bees but after the conversation was had, there was a Eureka moment in the house. We knew a little bit more after the talk but we were mostly relieved that it was over.

Most of us, growing up, did not see anything wrong with how our bodies looked until we saw how other peoples bodies looked like. Until you see something different to yours, you’re going to think that what you have is what most people have, therefore making it normal. You are also most probably going to think that what you like is what most people like, until you start having different conversations with many people and learn that human beings have different taste buds. Being different is special. The problem starts when you start comparing yourself and your preferences to other.

Comparing yourself to another person is not always a bad thing when it comes to choosing role models, mentors etc. The problem comes when your first experience of intimacy comes form an R-rated website.  If your first experience of how body parts should look like is based on XXX then you are going to think that that is what’s normal, right from the bat.

XXX websites take away your right to think freely and creatively in deciding whether or not you prefer them(it) bald or hairy. If your first experience with doing it is from THE HUB and not with a REAL person, that experience sorta sets a very unrealistic and unhealthy bar for future experiences with REAL people.

Personally, It doesn’t matter how it looks down there as long as you feel comfortable. I wax, shave or don’t shave depending on my mood.  I’m not pressured by society to make it look ‘pretty’ or presentable because its already pretty. Bald or otherwise. 

The Speculation:

Is it mentally better to do the deed when the cookies look as smooth as a newly polished marble floor?

Here are a few reasons we may feel sexier, bare:

  1. Your bare parts feel sexier against panties and briefs.
  2. No hair means more direct skin sensation.
  3. Your partner, while down there, has an easier time finding the goods.
  4. Your nether regions stay cooler and less sweaty.
  5. Lack of hair helps to lessen door.
  6. Women feel more secure in bikinis without having to worry about stray and visible hair.

Practical use of pubic hair

According to Evolutionary Studies 326-327, pubic hair, armpit hair and chest hair are all Sexual hair and serve to advertise ‘erotic’ maturity. In our ancestor’s environment it would have been obvious, when people were not wearing clothes, which males and females among them were ‘mature’ and of reproductive age. So, back then human hair had a different use altogether, and the lack of scissors and razors made it difficult to cut any kind of hair. Therefore people lived in harmony with their pubic hair.

And Because hair was a major part in finding out how sexually ready a woman was, men who chose to have intercourse with females without pubic hair were considered paedophiles. But that was back then and this is now. But it does make you stop and think, right? Right!

Not all men prefer ‘young looking’ peaches

Obakeng is a person I once dated but now we are currently friends.

During a late-night phone call, as I was getting to know him, I asked him a personal question. So… do you prefer a bush, landing strip or the shiny surface look of a green apple. His response was unique. He said that he preferred the bush but would not mind the landing strip but was totally against clean shaven.  Then I asked why… His response was intriguing and below is Obakeng’s answer.

‘I have nieces and nephews whose nappies I used to change. I like my woman to have pubic hair because it shows that she is a woman. When it’s not hairy, it looks like a small, young girls one and it just does not turn me on. It reminds me of my niece.’

His response startled me because If you go back to the first paragraph, you will notice that I said that I used to think that most men, if not all men, like hairless cakes. Finally… There is someone on the face of this planet, who goes against the grain, and I love it.   

In his response he did include that he cannot control what women do with their lady bits but his preference will always be hairy and  I respect him for that. Last thing I want is for men to start thinking it’s ok to be telling women what they can or cannot do with their own bodies.


to do or not to do a hairy peach
Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions, and facts
Is doing the dirty better with or without pubic hair. Speculations, assumptions, and facts

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