bOITY Pink Sapphire

Boity Pink Sapphire

The Boity Perfume is here!!! Boity Pink Sapphire is a beautiful, gorgeously packaged, and wonderful smelling FRAGRANCE.  Before reading about the perfume’s notes, this is my first impression of the Perfume: Simply put, It is Floral!

Base Notes and First impressions of Pink Sapphire

This Eau de Parfum is floral with hints of Fruits but, sensual and sophisticated at the same time. Some fruity and sweet-smelling perfumes have a tendency of smelling like a fragrance for teenagers, but not this one. Pink Sapphire has a scent that oozes money with heart notes that include Jasmine, French Lavender and Amber!

 It is the perfume a guy would get for his girlfriend and a perfume a friend would get for her friend.  Boity’s Parfum is playful but not the type of playful that you get on the kindergarten playground, no! It has sensual playfulness that’s both seductive and alluring!


Sapphire is a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum, consisting of aluminium oxide with trace elements like iron, titanium, chromium, vanadium, or magnesium.  Sapphire comes in a variety of shades! It comes in the colour Blue, Pink, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Purple, Grey, Orange and even Brown.

The Sapphire Birthstone zodiac sign is Virgo, which is associated with the month of September. Pink Sapphire was launched in the month of September, which makes Boity’s perfume a well-rounded piece of art.

How to wear Pink Sapphire by Boity

Five ways to wear the Boity Pink Sapphire Perfume!

1. After a shower or Bath:

Apply the perfume after a shower or bath but, make sure your skin is completely dry before spraying it.

2. Moisturise your skin:

Spraying the perfume after moisturising your body will make the perfumes smell last longer! You can use an unscented body moisturiser or the perfumes very own moisturiser to keep the scent on your body for more hours.

3. Choose the right points on your body to spray the perfume:

I personally love spraying perfumes on my neck and wrists but you can also spray between your clavicles, behind the ears and on the fold of the elbows. Also, behind the knees.

Wearing Boity’s perfume on clothes

4. Spray on your skin, not clothes:

I hardly spray perfume on my clothes because sometimes perfumes stain. Imagine wearing a white shirt and you spray a yellow perfume on it, and it stains. A nightmare!  Wearing Boity’s Fragrance on clothes can sometimes make the perfume get stuck on top notes but because the skin is a living and breathing organism, the perfumes notes interchange as the day wanes!  Which is perfect!

5. Try not to rub perfumes on the wrist:

Spraying perfume on wrist is the right way to do it but rubbing the wrists can make the fragrance smell different and may disappear from your skin faster!

Where to purchase Pink Sapphire

Boity’s perfume (100 ml)  can be purchased at Halo Heritage  and on TAKE ALOT! According to Halo Heritage this perfume is ‘A poetic, modern fragrance created to express the perfect harmony of sensuality and strength,’ Capturing the essence of powerful elegance and what it means to be a fearless woman.



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