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Last night I was invited to witness History in the making. The fusion between impulse and a south African artist.  Apparently, this has never happened before and Boity is the first one. The Boity and Impulse launch party was epic. It was organized at an intimate and cozy restaurant called Katys palace Bar, not too far away from the heart of Sandton. The Boity and Impulse launch party featured a couple of speeches, beautiful visuals and a once in lifetime front row seated, center stage performance by Boity.

It was a night to remember and allow me to take you through the night. Because the venue was so cozy and intimate, you could almost smell where the venue was, because of the scents that came from there. Boity asked us all to come wearing impulse and I’m guessing that’s why the whole place smelled so nice. I wore, as you might already know, the White Lace from the new Impulse South Africa range.

When we got inside, we were greeted by cocktails and chilled at the bar, not because of the drinks but there weren’t a lot of seats empty. Fyi, we were late. But, the bar wasn’t bad place to hang out, If you know what I mean. The Boity and Impulse launch party was MC’d by the one and only Ayanda Thabethe who did an awesome job, as per usual. When it was time for Boity to say her speeches, the bar closed as we listened to the humblest words from a thankful young woman.

It was inspiring listening to her as she continued talking about struggles in the industry and overcoming challenges and growing. In the beginning, she got a bit teary, which made me a bit teary as well. Boity is so genuine she’s down to earth, a people’s person. Very approachable and very human. I’m really happy I decided to go to the launch because I got to see a side of her we rarely see through the TV or on social media. Counting my blessings.

Anyway, lets finish off this post so that you guys can start sharing it. Boity Thulo performed her hit song Wuz Dat. In the middle of her performance, I think with her mom seated right at the table, she got shy of some of the f and swords in the song. Lol was hilarious to watch. But, I think we are all like that. I’m my own woman away from my mom, but when she’s there you will rarely see me wearing short dresses in front of her.

There were so many things to do and experience at the Boity and Impulse launch party, one of them being creating your own fragrance at the Fragrance booth.  I mixed whole lot of oils and scents into my little impulse bottle, but it smells great.

Lastly, the food was filling and delicious. And shortly after that, we danced a little and had to be on our mary way back to Pretoria.

The  Boity and Impulse perfumes are available in the three Limited Edition Boity variants, Tribal Soul & Endless Summer, Street Slayer and Vanilla Rain, and Rebel Queen & Shimmer Rays; there are also four new variants within the range, all with fun, distinctive and unique name combinations like Burnt Marshmallow & Leather Jacket, White Lace & Festival Fields, Purple Petals & Smoky Sky, and Tropical Beach & Espresso – fragrances of which were inspired by the world’s most popular fine fragrances. White Lace and Festival Field being my favourite.

Look out for The New Impulse ranges

Dressed by Superbalist

Dress ( currently Sold Out) : here

Shoes: Here

Pictures by Kagiso Motlhamme

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