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The Body Shop Shower Gel Reviews

Today I will be sharing with you three of some of my favourite The Body Shop Shower gels. As I was looking for plugs to give to our readers in the form of links and where to purchase these products I ran into a snag. The Berry Bon Bon Shower gel was a limited Christmas edition, and it is currently out of stock. I hate it when this happens. But we move. The Three the Body Shop shower gels that I am totally obsessed with are The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel, the Body Berry Bon Bon Shower Gel, and the Body Shop Olive Shower Gel.

Red, Yellow and Green Shower Gels

Isn’t it fun or funny how my favourite The Body Shop shower gels are the same colours as traffic lights? Lol Yes… that is what I thought. What I love the most about the Body Shop Shower gels is that they have so many assorted colours and flavours to choose from. And most of them smell so delicious, like food.

Body Shop Shower Gel Berry Bon Bon Review

Body Shop Berry Bon Bon lathers up in a fruity treat and one can feel instantly revived with the juicy, seasonal scent of winter/ summer berries.

The Product is enriched with Cranberry Seed Oils and the Body Shops cleansing formula makes one smell like freshly foraged berries every time you jump in the shower. Infused with cranberry seed oils and enriched with Community Trade honey from Ethiopia. The Shower gel is also 100% vegetarian


Let us talk about Mango, Baby! I love fruits. I love eating mango and I love eating all Berries. The beauty about Berries is that Berries do not get stuck in your teeth. Mangos on the other hand can be difficult to get out of between your teeth if you have been biting the fruit straight, and not using a knife, like Rihanna does.

Most girls are on diets or have been on diets for half their lives. And with diets comes this weird culture of cutting out fruits from your diet and just eating fats, only meat or just leafy greens etc.

I love that Rihanna loves eating Mangos. Thy are good for skin and the smell of Mangos is tropical and fresh. The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel is specially formulated with Honey from African countries like Ethiopia. The Mango Shower Gel does not only have the gorgeous fragrance but also has fruit extracts to cleanse skin and leave it lightly fragranced.

Olive Body Shop Shower Gel

When I think of Olive, I do not imagine something to but on my body. I imagine something to add on salads or eat as a snack. But the Olive Shower Gel is not bad. Matter of Fact, it smells good. Let me try explaining it to you. The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel is created using the finest Organic olive oil from Italy.

I mean, Olive oil from Italy? That is perfect. Italy is considered the world leader in quality of extra-virgin olive oil and is also number one in the consumption of Olive oil. I know that when I visit an Italian restaurant I either order pizza or some fancy Italian dish, but they always have olive oil ready, sitting on the table. Much of Italian cuisine is based on tradition, and this is particularly the case with extra virgin olive oil production. I love associating a product to its country of origin and its culture. The same way I love knowing that the Body Shop Olive Shower gel is outsourced from Africa to gently cleanse the skin and leave it smelling amazing.

The Body Shop Shower Gel Review Conclusion…

 I am someone who loves trying out new things. I hate routine and I follow where there is adventure. I would go mad if I had a 9 to 5 desk job. It just does not seem like something I would enjoy doing. The same way, I never stick to just one fragrance, and I love to be stimulated by different fragrances every time I step into a shower.

 However, I always have a load of classics ready somewhere to be enjoyed. The old classics I am talking about are the Berry Bon Bons predecessor. I am and will always be obsessed with the Body Shop Strawberry Shower gel and the entire range. It is amazing.

First time I used any of the Body shop products I had purchased a perfume. It was the strawberry Perfume, and I was amazed at how strong and long lasting it was because the perfume itself was very affordable.

Anyway… that is my two cents when it comes to the Body Shop Shower gels. I hope this information was helpful



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