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Choosing a bathing suit to lounge with by the pool or swim with can be easy, but it can also be difficult. How I make the decision is dependent on a few things. Where will I be going after, which areas of my body do I want to hide and which areas of my body do I want to show off. How I feel that day, my mood and the weather etc. I chose to wear black swimwear, one piece on this particular day because it made me feel good.

  1. I chose the black swimsuit one piece because black will always be in fashion. Black swimwear is chic regardless of the day, the year or the season. When in doubt, wear black.
  1. The other reason why I chose to wear a onesie is because I drank champagne the previous night and I felt bloated. There was a little bulge on my midsection but because I wasn’t wearing a bikini swimsuit, I got to cover that area a bit.
  1. I wore a black swimsuit also because I wanted to look slimmer. Wearing vertical stripes can give the illusion that you are taller and slimmer. Wearing horizontal stripes, almost cuts you, making you appear shorter. And since the black swimsuit I was wearing wearing is one colour with a vertical design, it made me feel like a super model.
  1. One more reason to wear this kind of black swim suit to the pool is that it has breast support and padding. Swimwear is support to be flattering to your body and some swim wear don’t flatter it at all. So, getting swimwear with padding like a bra will make you look good and in turn make you feel good.
  1. Before reason number 6. Wearing black swimwear that’s a one piece is awesome because you can turn it into a body suit later and wear blue jeans on top of them. The only issue is when you have to go to the bathroom, you must take off all your clothes. Lol
  1. An embarrassing reason why you should wear a black swimsuit one piece to the beach or pool is that it won’t fall off if or when you get taken by a wave. I was in Cape Town December 2017 and I was wearing a blue bikini. I didn’t see the wave coming because I was busy posing for pictures and I almost drowned. When I finally came up for air my bikini top straps had undone themselves. It has hilarious. I got back in the water and fixed my top then ascended as if nothing had happened. My take away; always wear ‘wave safe’ swimwear. Onesies are safe because when the straps get loose, you won’t find yourself half naked on the beach.



Plus size gorgeous Black One Piece  from Miss-guided HERE

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ALL PICTURES TAKEN BY @Kagiso Motlhamme. 

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  1. Whether it’s a one-piece or two-piece style, more young women are embracing the trend. They can be worn casually at the beach with shorts and sandals, or you can dress them up with scarves, wedges, and beach bags.

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