black ruched bardot bodycon mini dress

Black ruched mini dress and the English winter torture

Taking the shots for the black ruched mini dress was a job and a half. Ok, first of all, my brother David who is also the photographer for most of my UK Shots, woke up late. But, bless his heart he really saved the day on this day. I had been waiting for about two hours for David to wake up and take pictures of me in the black ruched bodycon mini dress so, when he finally woke up, i was READY.

Guys and Ladies, to be totally honest with you, On this particular day, it was VERY COLD! So, what had happened was, David said, lets go!!! I took and wore my black, long, winter coat to cover my body and my black ruched mini dress and as soon as the door opened, we felt the chilling breeze enter the house. We froze, and like in a horror movie, my hair swayed back, i took a deep breath and we closed the door immediately. Lol And re-assessed.

When we both finally got the courage to take a step outside the door. We quickly walked out to take pictures of the black ruched midi dress (pu ruched). Walking to the spot we took these images at was made easy with the boots. I got the boots from New Look. Oh, the coat is from Next and the bag is from…

Drama with the black ruched mini dress

When we got to the spot. It dawned on me that i had to take the coat off in order for me to do the shoot. Lol my Brother kept laughing at me but also kept motivating me. He kept saying push through the cold, it will be over soon. Bless his heart. Anyway, i managed to push through the cold and we finally got a couple of shots of the black ruched bardot bodycon mini dress.

We took plenty of shots of this dress but only these made it to the website because the rest, my facial expressions were just weird, scared, worried and down right laughable. I do not want to put them on the Google so you guys can laugh at me lol some of them were really embarrassing.

The black ruched bardot bodycon mini dress review

The black ruched bodycon is really pretty and a real bodycon. It contours to your body. If you are a little on the square side in terms of body shape, and want to create some form, be it hour glass etc, this dress is perfect if you want to wear shape wear under neath. The black ruched mini dress (pu-ruched) is made out of a very thick material and it is warm even though it was cold on this particular day.

The dress is obviously short but for South Africa, the best kind of party dress. I am going through changes, so although I love the short dresses, I feel like I will probably gravitate more, this year, towards midi dresses. Don’t worry, the midi dresses i’m looking forward to wearing to parties and events this year will be midi dresses with SASS like this Dress

Last days in the land of the Queen

These holidays have been so relaxing to me and i am so thankful for all that i have. But all things have a start and an ending. All good things must come to an end. But, before i leave, i will post one or two more posts in regards to the Architecture, the people, the actual weather lol if possible and some really winter, British outfits.

And speaking about British outfits, i have included images of the coat i wore on the day of the Black ruched midi dress shoot so you guys can see how good winter looks on me. I am not bragging lol, just grateful that my skin has had the rest it needed from the sun and also thankful that winter has allowed me to layer up. Something I hate doing in South Africa: Layering up.

Photography spots and the photographer

When we got back from taking optics on the Black ruched bardot bodycon mini dress my sister was shocked that we had gone out in the cold and tortured ourselves, just to take pictures of a dress. But, when you look at the pictures, where in South Africa will you find similar architecture. Certainly not in Pretoria. And since i’m here, why not thug-it-out in the cold, for gorgeous images of a little black dress with a twist.



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