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Why Black Mirror Season 5 is not as good as Season 1,2,3 and 4.

Season 5 of Black Mirror is NOT the one. Season 1,2,3 and 4 of Black Mirror however, were mind-blowing. The stories that were told had so many twists and turns that if you would have compared them to one of the Worlds most twisted roller coaster rides, they wouldn’t have compared. And it’s not to say that maybe we are just so used to the twists and Turns of Black Mirror season 1, 2, 3 and 4 that season 5 then just seems like playing house. But that’s not the truth. Black Mirror season 5 has story lines that are interesting,weird, twisted and thrilling but don’t compare to season 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Black Mirror season 4 had according to me, two episodes that stood out. Episode 2 ARKANGEL: about a mothers worry about her daughters safety which leads her to then choose to monitor her daughter’s whereabouts with a device!!! That episode is chills.

Black Mirror season 4 episode 3 CROCODILE! Crocodile was ruthless. This girl wasn’t even the one who committed the crime but she payed the price in the end.

Black Mirror season 3 episode 3 SHUT UP AND DANCE!!! Shut up and dance was one of the first black mirror episodes I had ever watched and it made me want to watch season 2 and eventually season 1. SHUT UP AND DANCE was mind-blowing. Black Mirror season 3 also had the most episodes EVER, it had six. Which is a really high number when you think of how many episodes are actually released in each season. Episode 5, MEN AGAINST FIRE, made me wanna scream. The plot just seemed like an illusion and there was no way out. One of the most heartbreaking episodes to date.

Let’s talk about Black Mirror season 2 WHITE BEAR!! now, THAT should be a way of punishing those that have committed inhuman crimes, stuck in their minds on an endless loop. But when you watch WHITE BEAR, the punishments seem immoral and inhumane but they committed crimes. Should we feel sorry for them? Is the right question.

Black Mirror season 1 episode 1, THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. While this episode opens us up to the world of Black Mirror it certainly does a good job at creating the ambiance and setting the tone to what to is to be expected in all Black Mirror Seasons.

And while Black Mirror Season 5 does a pretty good job at mimicking the great works of Seasons 1 to 4, it fails at really making you sit at the edge of your seat. To add to the story, The actors in season 5 are very popular. Episode 1 of Black Mirror season 5 stars Anthony Mackie from Captain America. Episode 2 stars Topher Grace and Black Mirror season 5 episode 3 stars Miley Cyrus. Black Mirror season 5 gives you what Black Mirror usually gives you; twists and Turns. But season 5 cannot be compared to season 1,2, 3 and 4, in all their glory.

We love Black Mirror because of its out of the box story-lines. But i’m not sure to hate it or love it but i slept through most of Episode 2 of Season 5. I was hoping there was a bigger reason to his madness, than just grief and seeking attention.

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