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I once wore something that didn’t make my ass look good. I was livid because I had worked so hard on my ass with squats and stuff but on this particular day it just looked wrong. I went around the entire day begging the clock to fast forward so that I could get back to my place and get out of the fashion fail that had happened that morning.

I promised I would never do that to my buttocks again so I started investing in clothing that’s always fluttering. The problem with such an investment is that it takes time. You will walk into a shop and try on almost everything just to leave the store with two items because the rest are pretty but they aren’t made or meant for you.

Having a very African booty and wearing items sometimes not designed for the bootilicious is frustrating but, don’t despair, spend a day at the mall or online, be patient and you will prevail.

The other issue is that we are in so much of a hurry to leave we don’t spend time on purchases so I advise that shopping should be a day’s event, full off drinks, eating, and friends, it’s not nice going to shop by your lonesome self, get a partner.

The day I bought these jeans I had spent literally 2 hours going from shop to shop but couldn’t find the pair that I wanted. In one shop id take 6 pairs of jeans and try them all out. To my amazement, one of the jeans fit. Finding the perfect pair of high waist jeans can be an issue especially because high waist jeans are tight and tight jeans are harder to get into especially if your boody don’t lie. It literally took me about 15 minutes getting into this particular pair that morning but once it passed the ass the rest was easy plus they fit perfectly and they made my butt look awesome, actually better than awesome.

Ok, four tips on what to look for when you want your jeans to give you a butt lift.

  1. Get high Waist: High waist are good for shaping the body and creating a flawless silhouette, hides bumps and lumps and ultimately, once over the ass, lifts the buttocks, giving them a slight or major lift.
  2. High waist should end by the belly button or roughly there.
  3. The jeans should not be low rise at the back because the lift comes with the jeans fitting all around waist area.
  4. Should be tight around the thighs, fit like a glove by the groin muscles all the way up and should not hang, not even one bit.
  5. In a nut shell: Get a custom fit pair of jeans from the store, try on all of them until you are happy, if not, move to the next store or come back another day. Nothing is as annoying as wearing jeans that don’t fit and don’t do what they supposed to do, which is make you look damn amazing

These images where taken by Siya at Brooklyn Tribeca where we had the most amazing coffee and he had wine and I a quick salad before we had to rush.

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Shop the look:

Shoes : Primark  also available at ASOS , POLYVORE

BLACK Jeans: Legit

Leather Jacket: Debenhams


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  1. Tumi van Lamo says:

    OMG i had no idea being bootilicious was so much work in terms of finding an item that fits a booty that dont lie.thanx for the tip,atleast now i know what kind of jean to get my kind of woman being one who appreciates the curvy,bodacious figured.hopefully it wont take me 2hours and 6pairs of jeans to get to that one perfect fitting “high waist” jean lol.

    1. lol @Tumi… Thanks for the read and your hilarious comment :-). All the best with finding that perfect pair for your woman.

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