black glitter bodycon dress

The black glitter bodycon dress at 6 degrees Celsius

I’m sitting here looking outside the window. It’s warm in here but i’m pretty sure it is cold outside. To be very accurate, it is 7 degrees Celsius outside. When we took these images it was maybe around 9 degrees Celsius. We went out coat on my body and shoes in my hand. The black glitter bodycon dress is perfect for a new years eve party or an elegant gathering some time during the holidays.

I like wearing this dress when i go out, underneath a coat. Because it is so skin tight, this black glitter bodycon dress is perfect to wear under a coat dress in winter but it is also perfect to wear in the summer just the way it is. If i really want to cover up, ill add a chiffon top with buttons, those vintage ones, then i’m ready for work.

Black glitter bodycon dress shoot

To get these black glitter bodycon outfit images, we shot these pics at a residential area some where in Leicester. The area has a couple of flats in the suburbs. At first i didn’t want to get in the residential area because in South Africa they chase you and call the dogs on you. But David simply said, we not doing anything wrong. The worst they can do to us is kick us out.

So, we walked towards the back of the residential area towards the garage and we started taking pics. An old guy came up to us and asked us if we are the new tenants that recently moved in. We said no and he walked away. His son or friend came and watched for a couple of seconds then walked away as well. He said bye then later disappeared.

Life in South Africa compared to life in England

South Africa is home. And once i am done here, i will be going home. I am however, enjoying the constant supply of lights in England and i know that when i get back home, ill probably sit there in the dark and long for the time i can leave again. But, a true patriot doesn’t just leave what isn’t working, he or she changes the status que and maybe leaves at a later stage.

I see my country the way i will view my marriage. Every country has its issues, and if we all leave because things are not working anymore, what is the point? Remember that South Africa is home and even if you get housed in another country, it will only feel like a true home after years!! But, like a marriage, if things are not working and the partner is abusive, get a divorce. We cant keep being abused, things must change. But we can all be that change.

Glitters and the Festive season

I think the festive season is one of the only time, apart from extravagant parties, where the word glitter is a must on fashionista lips. That word and sequin. Welcoming the new year in flashing lights on the dress can be exciting and it usually is. I usually wear black elegance on the thirty first day of December but, this year i want to be really bright and shinny.

The makeup must be full of highlighter. Damn, i want to look like a Christmas tree on the 31st. The black glitter bodycon dress is a safe option but this same dress is available in a different colour and if you can’t find it on Femmelux , there are hundreds of dresses to choose from that are similar, on the same website. Check them out HERE.

Beyonce in a Glittery Black and Red bodycon dress

Since we are chatting about the black glitter boycon dress, lets talk about some of my favourite celebrities in black glitter bodycon dresses. If you can remember, Beyonce wore a dress similar to the one i’m wearing, in 2016. But hers had a lot more cloth/ fabric on it. And she looked stunning.

In the beginning of 2019, February to be exact, Beyonce graced us with a gorgeous photo on intagram wearing a red glittery dress celebrating Valentine. Any celebration is worth the perfect celebratory dress and why not do that in a Femmelux dress!!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing the content on beliciousmuse. Check back tomorrow for new blog post as ill be posting 5 days a week from now on. Mostly fashion, a little beauty and some lifestyle.


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