floral print playsuit

Arrive and Slay in a black floral print playsuit/ jumpsuit!

floral print playsuit

My dad once told me that if I want to go far in life I should have a good head on my shoulders. Do not focus too much on your looks and always ask for things with a smile. A female friend of mine in high school also told me that those that are able to age properly without fear of “getting old” are those that were told how smart they are rather than those that were bombarded on how gorgeous and beautiful they are.

You see, I grew up thinking that everyone is beautiful. To me, life was about having fun, making friends and LIVING. It even bothered me when men would try to put my sisters and I against each other by telling us that one is prettier than the other. It never made sense to me because i would always be in shock. If you wanna give me a compliment, don’t do so at the cost of my loved ones. Beauty is relative.

My upbringing was so interesting that I lived in this delusion that the man that I’m gonna settle with will be one that sees my true beauty and not care weather I wore makeup or not. And that all he would care about was my heart and my intellect. Lol what a time to be alive!! Have you ever tried going on a date without makeup? I think because we so used to wearing it , we feel self conscious without it. Im speaking about myself.

Confidence in a Floral print Playsuit

Anyway… I felt more confident on a date with a guy if I was wearing make up. It made me feel that I was putting a lot more effort .. but… after a couple more dates with different guys I realized that if I drank a whole lot more water and spent more time on skin care than makeup… I’d feel and look better barefaced. But I also became aware that men are attracted to the ” paint “, the red lips, the perfectly mascara eyelashes and the even toned skin that some of us can only achieve with foundation. Still speaking about myself!

The beginning of the Floral print playsuit

When I first started this blog www.beliciousmuse.com I didn’t wear a lot of makeup. If you go to my first post, it was minimal makeup and a good outfit. But I realised that people aren’t THAT interested in natural beauty. Beauty addicts wanted to know how to get fleeky eyebrows, strobe, highlight, contour, conceal, cover etc. So I started to wear more makeup to show girls how to cover up perfectly. You see.. beauty is relative to the time, culture, nature and currently social media.

Playsuits in a time of Social media

Today… social media is about a tiny size 24 waist, snatched. It’s about perfect thighs, squats , and the perfect face. It’s about a small pointy nose, the perfect eyelashes, sunset coloured eye shadows and the sun catching highlight.

Born Perfect

When I started wearing more makeup on my blog… my subscribers grew, followers increased and I got more business.
So I’m here, going on and on about natural or manufactured beauty of which I’m OK with either and use either when needed. You get a man that loves how gorgeous you look without makeup at home but hopes and prays you put some on going to date night next week.

Barefaced or face beat. Beauty is within us and it will never leave us. Stay beautiful with or without your ‘face’ honey… life is for the living! 



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  1. […] As you get older you realize that some of the things you used to value now hold no value. I used to value how I looked in heels and I could walk in them the whole day at work. For hours. These days I keep a pair of heels in my car and only wear them when I have to. To important business meetings, strategic meetings, and to dates. I will sometimes pull out a pair when going to buy some quick groceries, and ill quickly put on a pair if I am desperate enough to impress some random people driving in their cars.  It is crazy how I see life now. Life is fleeting, life can be really long, but it can also be really short. So I’ve learned to embrace the finiteness of life and wear whatever I want.  I love floral playsuits and there is a specific black floral playsuit that I absolutely loved wearing a couple of years ago. Read that article HERE. […]

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