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Birthday Balloons in bed wearing a lingerie nighty: Birthday 2021

Birthday Balloons in bed

I already new, from early on in the year 2020 that I would not be going anywhere out of the country at the end of the year. I love to travel, when I can. But all the issues with the pandemic last year made travelling a highly hazardous activity. So I planned to have a light dinner on the 31st of December 2020 at one of my favorite restaurant. I only wanted 6 people. It was going to be fun, short and sweet, filled with Birthday balloons, lovely d├ęcor and scrumptious food. Later on was going to get back home early, cause restaurants usually close much earlier on the 31st, slip into a Lingerie nighty and enter the new year cozy at home. But things didn’t happen the way I planned. I had to unfortunately cancel my Birthday lunch plans because the South African President banned Alcohol Sales till the 15th of Jan. So I called one of my favorite Pretoria photographers (Kagiso Motlhamme) and we spent my birthday together and created these amazing images for this black beauty blogger. And, I ended up enjoying my birthday in bed with birthday balloons in bed, lots of food and even more drinks. A couple of my friends came over to drop off a few presents and it was amazing.

Birthday in Bed

I woke up on the 31st feeling a bit down because I wasn’t sure how I was going to enjoy my birthday without my friends. Regardless of how the birthday was going to be spent, I new that I had to purchase whatever I needed on the 31st because most establishments are not open on the 1st.

The first order of Business was groceries and then I got this bright idea to decorate my bedroom with helium balloons in anticipation of my Birthday on the first of January 2021. I found Helium Birthday balloons at the Crazy Store and after getting the birthday balloons I felt a lot more inspired. Lol the Crazy Store assistant gave me the balloons and asked me to hold on tight to them. Thanks for the advise cause it was very windy outside. Finally got to the car and immediately my mood was lifted as I drove home with heart and star shaped, gold Birthday balloons of which I was going to use on my birthday for a photoshoot the following morning.

Lingerie Nighty

hhhmmmm… If I would tell you a story of what I wear to bed it would violate Google Terms of use lol so I’ll just talk about the Turquoise Lingerie Nighty. Truworths kept sending me texts to go past their store and get some stuff on sale, literally the whole week. So, since I was in the mall, before I went home, [ passed by Truworths and got this Lingerie Nighty / ladies Sleep Wear in the size 36 because I didn’t want to try it on and getting a smaller size was going to be a problem because most of us have gained weight during Lockdown. And, I didn’t want to find out how much weight I had actually gained so I opted for the bigger size and IT FIT.

Pretoria Photographers

There is a saying that goes, Keep your friends that take great pictures REALLY close. I honestly do not know what I would have done if Kagiso Motlhamme was not around on my birthday. These Pictures would not have been taken and YOU guys would not have believed that my birthday was amazing because as another popular saying goes, if there are no pictures, it didn’t happen! Lol

I really recommend you make use of Kagiso Motlhamme when looking for Pretoria Photographers. He is brilliant, creative and great to work with. We have worked on other projects together and you can check them out HERE, HERE and HERE.

Black Beauty bloggers

As a black women I take pride in being a black woman. I will one day give birth to a black woman and hopefully teach her some of the things I have learnt from being a woman. That day of me being a mom might be coming sooner than you think #Wink

Its time. I feel it in my bones and I embrace whatever challenges may come with being a mom. I’m not pregnant yet but will maybe keep you guys posted when the time finally arrives. With that being said, we can plan all we want but God has the final say.

What I would like to share with my fellow black beauty bloggers is, Some of you guys have really inspired me to be a better blogger. While I have not blogged much the past year, I hope it changes this year. And hopefully the inspiration will be both ways. Looking forward to working with fellow Black Beauty Bloggers but the invitation is to all bloggers who would like to work The invitation is open. Although this year already has hurdles, we will over come.


Outfit of the Birthday: Truworths Sleepwear

Balloons: The Crazy Store

Photographer : Kagiso Motlhamme

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