Bio Silk for Natural Hair
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BioSilk for Natural hair

I’ve been meaning to share with you guys the story of why I cut my hair and also give you an inside on what I’ve been using to grow and maintain it. I also want to share with you guys all the products I’ve been testing for natural hair growth as well as my review on BioSilk for Natural hair.

Why I cut my hair

I woke up one day and my relaxed hair looked a mess. At the time, I had two options. To either cut all my hair or relax it, as the growth made the relaxed hair look horrible. I then took a scissors  and started chopping, 2 inches at a time. Once It was shorter, I went to the salon and they evened it out for me. Mind you it was still relaxed hair but shorter.

Fear of change: the Mohawk

Once the hair was even, I was happy but after a week I went back to the salon for styling. I decided that they should cut all the hair on the sides and leave me with a Mohawk. I loved it. I really did. After about 2 months I went back in. I went back in because the hair on the sides had grown and was a mini-afro but the afro in the middle was struggling because there was still some relaxed hair on top. I then decided to chop ALL THE RELAXED HAIR and was left with a round head full of Afro Hair.


The decision to cut my hair was a huge one because I had spent more than 10 years of my life relaxing my hair every three months. Relaxing my hair every three months or so would make my hair brittle and sometimes the relaxers would burn me. 10 plus years of relaxing lead to a disappearing hair line and im till working at getting it back fully but, its getting there. Slow progress is still progress.

Biosilk for Happy Nappy Hair

My hair is currently growing healthy, only because I take good care of it. One other reason why I decided to cut my hair was because GLAMIT and other hair brands had sent me tons of hair products for natural hair. These products were paraben and sulfate free.  So, because I had all these natural hair products in my cupboard, transitioning from relaxed to natural seemed like a breeze.


Ever since growing an afro, I’ve used a lot of hair products for natural hair. Most of them work, especially those that are paraben and sulfate free. I’ve also been using pure virgin coconut oil on my hair but I find that if I put a lot, the coconut oil drips from my hair to my face, stays on the pillow and messes up my couches. So I use coconut oil only once a week, it’s a good moisturizer.

BioSilk for Natural hair

Sometimes, if a product appears to be only for AFRO hair, people tend to trust it more. Don’t get me wrong, there are awesome companies leading Afro hair growth but then there are other companies out there that cater to natural hair needs as well, whatever your ethnicity.

I tested BioSilk on my Natural, Afro hair and I’m so in love with this product. Bio Silk for natural hair is a winner. What any person with afro textured hair wants to achieve is softer and manageable hair without the grease and BioSilk does that with their Hydrating Therapy. The BioSilk Hydrating therapy Maracuja oil is perfect for afro textured hair as it hydrates. I then added the Bio Silk Hydrating Therapy Pure Moisture Leave in Spray which made my hair softer and had slightly bigger curls. Then I added the Bio Silk Silk Therapy 17 Miracle leave in conditioner. My hair was easier to manage, it wasn’t greasy and it stayed soft until the following morning.

I was really surprised by how perfect is Bio Silk for Natural hair.  I wasn’t shocked thou, because the packaging says Hydrating Therapy. Bio Silk Nourishes your hair with BioSilk Silk Therapy. It’s the original and revolutionary silk-infused product line that strengthens, repairs and revitalizes hair while leaving it silky smooth with incredible shine.

If you thinking of going Natural, I say, take the leap.  It will save you from a burnt scalp from constant relaxing, receding hairline and brittle hair.

Purchase BioSilk for Natural hair HERE


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    What’s beneficial for your hair is good for your skin as well.

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