Beyonce the Lion Queen
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Beyonce The Lion Queen : A Lioness and Human in 1

Beyonce Knowles has managed to yet again blow us away with something as simple as a static visual. The images which Beyonce The Lion Queen posted on her social media was of Nala (the character in the Lion King of which she lends her voice to) and herself. Beyonce The Lion Queen.

Fans all around the world went into a frenzy at the power of such a very simple but powerful image. Beyonce is a force by herself. But by including Nala in her Photo-op, she has created another force, Nala.

In the past, the Lion King movie was never about the females. In The Lion King Remake, Beyonce has, to a large extent given Nala more power than she usually gets in the Lion King. And although we know that the Lion King is just a re-make and not much has changed. Apart from the visuals being more life like. We all, the BeeHive, could almost taste a sequel to the Lion King. Powered by Beyonce and Nala, called, THE LION QUEEN.

The Beyonce Power

Beyonce Knowles has played some powerful characters in animations but voicing Nala will most probably be her most powerful voice to date. And only Beyonce Knowles can make The Lion King more timeless than it already is. Classic, Spectacular, a MUST SEE.

Fans around the world are excited to see the Lion King Remake but more importantly to see life imitating Art. #BeyonceTheLionQueen. The image Beyonce released on her social media is more than powerful. What a charismatic, fascinating picture of a Lioness and Lioness looking at each other in the eye and us feeling their incredible strength and power flowing in them. ?
Jesse Takora II  on Facebook said: we already need the sequel THE LION QUEEN which would be about Nala alone ? . Yaaaassss Quuueeeennn.

Tickets are already available to pre- order online. But you can also preorder at all Cinemas around the country that will be showing the Lion King. Get more information about that HERE. Read more movie reviews HERE

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