beyonce spirit music video

Beyonce Spirit Music Video and the South African flag

Beyonce released spirit music video and it is everything we wanted to see. The Lion King live action movie comes out on the 19th of July and the Beyonce spirit music video was released on the 17th of July before the release of The Lion King live action Movie.

Chilling African Chanting

Beyonce Spirit Music Video opens with some chilling sounds of African Chanting and singing in a native African Language. This chanting is somber, but the sounds are of victory and praise.

In the spirit music video Beyoncé is seen in Africa and the music video might have been shot the last time Beyonce was in South Africa for Global citizen. But Beyonce might have come before global citizen or she might have come after, privately. Nonetheless the video is mind-blowing and when you watch it together, while listening to the song it gives you chills. The power of powerful visuals is overwhelming.

Blue Ivy Features in Spirit Music Video

Blue Ivy makes an appearance in the Spirit Music Video and she is so adorable. For the first time in Blue Ivy history, Blue Ivy is seen wearing a maroon wig. And you can’t help but notice the how Proud Beyonce is with her daughter. Must be nice having a mother who’s one of the biggest stars of our century.

We love the fact that Beyoncé chose to celebrate Africa. And considering the The Lion King Live Action movie that takes place in Africa, it just made sense for the music video to be shot in Africa.

South African Flag

The outfits Beyoncé and her team wear on the spirit music video are a striking resemblance of the diverse African people and the Beautiful colours of the African race. The colourful outfits Beyonce wears on the many different scenes in spirit music video are a resemblance of the South African flag. There is green, white, blue, red, Yellow, Should i continue? The democratic Republic of South Africa with a multitude of different cultures and diverse languages is a rainbow and kudos to Beyonce for choosing to feature this.

To a large extend, the spirit music video looks like a rainbow and us living in Africa understand the resemblance and the symbolism of representing everybody and being represented as well.

Beyonce, one with the Earth

Beyonce has never been one to shy away from getting down-and-dirty. Meaning, she doesn’t care whether she has to be in the mud, whether she has to roll on the sand or have her hair touch the Desert floor. Beyonce is an artist and her artistry doesn’t end in being clean.

I mean, if you look at all her performances on stage, she does not care. She will give you a performance in the rain, or snow or sun, and it will be remarkable. she doesn’t care whether her clothes get torn, she doesn’t care whether her weave gets stuck in a fan, she will give you the performance of your life.

Beyonce is an Enigma and we love the fact that you can never predict what she’s going to do next. All she cares about is giving us great music.

The vocals on Beyonce spirit music video are as perfect as they are rough. They are full of emotion. You cannot help but get goosebumps listening to spirit and watching it on Youtube. When I first heard spirit on YouTube, the song seemed like those feel good, happy, motivational songs that people put out on soundtracks. Normal. Spirit is like Michael Jackson’s Heal the World. It’s a very socially conscious song. But when you see spirit on YouTube or on TV you’ll find that the visuals are a catalyst to the song.

The Power of powerful visuals to a song

Visuals make a song and I don’t think I would have really loved spirit because I’m more of a pop genre kind of consumer. I love dance music and to be fair the song has accents of Africanism.

Beyoncé uses black African Americans, black Africans in her music video and this is true to Beyoncé’s Brand. and although Beyoncé has used Caucasians in most of her music videos, we love the fact that this Lion King live action movie has a huge representation Africans and African-ism.

Beyonce shares the spotlight

In the past Beyonce usually Hogs the visuals for most of her songs and this time she has chosen to share with us different faces of Africa and different faces of African American people and it’s beautiful. While watching Beyoncé Spirit Music Video, seeing it I couldn’t help but literally get goosebumps from all the beauty in this Video. Well done Beyoncé, you did it again.

Watch the Beyonce Spirit Music Video Here or Below.

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