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BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM:  The Best Fashion Looks From Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Beyoncé offered us another Album to listen to a couple of days ago. When these artists offer art work it’s a huge thing. An artist will work hard on a project and later offer it to people to see, feel and experience and hope that the project will be received well by the consumer. Beyoncé rarely ‘just’ offers. Her offerings are to a large extent immaculate.  Lemonade Beyoncé Visual Album is PERFECT.

Beyoncé’s team is brilliant, smart. And here I will break it down for you.

  1. LIKE THE SECOND COMING OF GOD, WE ALL SEE HER: Beyoncé doesn’t just appear on a cover of a magazine for the sake of appearing. She graces us with her presence for a good reason. The collaboration of ELLE magazine is just another one of her 20/20 foresight. When Beyoncé appears on a magazine cover, she appears on ALL magazine covers of that franchise. She wasn’t satisfied to just appear on USA ELLE Magazine, she wanted all of us to see her at the same time so she made sure she appeared on ALL ELLE magazines in the world, at the same time and this was in preparation to Beyoncé Lemonade Visual Album Release.
  1. TIME: Everything happens within a short space of time because she knows that we quickly lose concentration and we easily forget pop culture, we rush after trends and so what was important yesterday is not relevant today. Beyoncé’s ad for lemonade took place a few days before the actually release of the visual album. If it took a whole lot more days, we would have forgotten and honestly moved on, NEXT!
  1. MARKETING: The importance of the short space of time in marketing and advertising BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM  is important to the Beyoncé brand as she now release Secret Albums, music no one but her team has heard and music videos no one has seen her working on. The element of surprise is fast growing momentum as the age of digital influence is fast increasing. No one cares about the album you will drop two months from now, we want it now. Even if you are going to drop an album two months from now, don’t tell anybody, just do it. It’s exciting and fun. Once the album is dropped. . But don’t fool yourself, you are not Queen Beyoncé. When Beyoncé dropped BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM, the content was great. So before you compare yourself to Bey, make sure the content is worth the sudden drop.
  1. BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM IS NOT ABOUT HER LIFE: Beyoncé makes money by singing about other people’s emotions. Don’t let her fool you; Beyoncé has a near perfect life. She has a loving husband, money and a great career, might we add the already know fact that she is beautiful? So when you listen to tracks like Sorry, she takes you into another world of hurt and betrayal. She makes it easy to leave a man that’s hurting you and not be sorry about it. But Sorry isn’t about her, She makes you think is about her for marketing purposes. Now people will be googling,’ did Jay z cheat on Beyoncé???  Now, what would Beyoncé’s music be like if she only sang about her own personal experiences and happiness? Oh, please, it would be a boring. So she makes money out of tell young girls how to live without a man, yet she goes home to jigga every night. #FoodForThought. But Beyoncé doesn’t just empower women to live without men, she adds a balance, remember ‘Single ladies: Put a ring on it?
  1. BEYONCÉ’S FASHION is incomparable. Her visuals are stimulating, her wardrobe is to envy and her music makes us not want to take the earphones off as we either cry because she reminds us of a dark past or she gives us power to leave, walk away, she helps us understand life, teaches us that having a man isn’t the beginning nor the end to life and more importantly, this album teaches us to forgive, move on and be happy with someone else or with the same person. Lemonade opens our eyes to the many options in the palm of our hands. If you are not happy, do something about it.
  1. VISUAL ALBUM. Gone are the days of dropping an Album and releasing the video two weeks after like what Rihanna did with WORK. Beyoncé has changed the game… The game has changed so much that she doesn’t even have to make money by releasing the video, she makes money by selling the video Doccie to HBO and they pay her to show it on their channel. #Smart.  Album sales go hand in hand with Videos. My favorite tracks on the Album are Sorry and All night Long. You have to listen to them to understand what I’m talking about. If you are subscribed to TIDAL you are probably already live streaming now, if you are not, wait to get the album on ITunes or YouTube when it gets available to mere mortals LOL.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the fashion Queen Beyoncé wore in the Beyoncé Lemonade Visual Album some of you are yet to experience, but give it a wait, it’s worth it.

In Sorry, she wears metalic Silver Bralet by  Zana Bayne.

In the same SORRY she features Serena Williams. Beyonce wears handwoven beaded bodysuit with Swarovski crystals.

Beyonce brings BLACK GIRLS together, as she always does in Videos these days, wearing  a Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016 Ruffled Top.

BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM beyonce lemonade fashion red room

Styled in a robe by Nicolas Jebran.

BEYONCE LEMONADE VISUAL ALBUM beyonce fur coat by Hood by Air and yeezy sports bra


Spotted Supporting Kanye West in a Yeezy Sports Bra and Fall 2015 fur coat by Hood by Air.

The Most Whimsical, Carefree video on Beyonce Lemonade Visual Album is Hold Up. Wearing dress from Roberto Cavalli.


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