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Beyonce homecoming: 9 things you might have missed

1. Beyonce Homecoming costumes where designed by Olivier Rousteing.

Beyonce talks vaguely about her dancers costumes but its implied that Olivier designed the costumes.It makes sense to have costumes of this quality for such a upmarket Coachella show and a first of its kind. Zips must be durable, avoiding wardrobe malfunctions. Fabrics should be of high value because who wants nip slips and and knowing Beyonce, only the best for herself and her crew so why not Balmain.

2. Beyonce Homecoming took almost a year to prepare

Beyonce homecoming took a lot of moths to prepare There were 4 months of band rehearsal before 4 months of dance rehearsals. A total of 8 months, rehearsing. Now that Is some work ethic.

While Beyonce’s lyrics make her seem like nothing in this world would ever put her down or demotivate her, Beyonce is very human. She had some self doubt. After an emergency c-section Beyonce thought that she probably would never be the same again, physically and endurance wise. But she proved herself wrong. She was in top conditioning for her Coachella weekend. She managed to rebuild her cut muscles, while suffering spasms,

3. Beyonce is like any other working mom.

Moms want to be with their children and Beyonce is blessed to have a job that allows her to bring her kids to work when ever she feels comfortable. It’s less nerve wrecking when you can work, juggle being a mom and still be able to attend to your husband.

4. Beyonce struggles with weight-loss like everybody else on the same journey

Beyonce said that ‘ to get in the best shape and health, she had to limit herself. She rehearsed for hours on end and ate no bread, sugar, drank no alcohol, no meat no fish etc. She admits, in Beyonce homecoming, that she was very hungry but had to endure. Its refreshing hearing celebrities talk openly about how they wanna get in shape. We have been led to believe that we shouldn’t ‘limit ourselves’ because we promoting eating disorders. But sharing your body goals isn’t promoting anything other than your way of getting to a specific goal

5. Men are not as exited about weight-loss

Men are not as exited about weight-loss than women are. Beyonce got back to her old costume and she thought it was a big deal but Jay didn’t seem that excited.

6. Beyonce had similar Birthing complications that other women have.

You wold expect Beyonce to not have such complications because of the amount of money she has but Birth, as unique as it is, its complications don’t choose wealth or status. Giving birth unites us all.

7. Beyonce had 3 sound stages

Beyonce had a sound stage for the band, a sound stage for the dancers and a sound stage for her creative staff.
Beyonce literally created the show and was hands on, on everything.

8. Beyonce showed Kelly and Michelle mic technique

On 1.53.27 of Beyonce Homecoming, her performance with Destiny’s child, Beyonce is seen as the only one moving the mic away from her mouth while screaming . Kelly and Michelle didn’t do this.

9. Before I Let Go was debut at the last 3 minutes of Beyonce homecoming

Before I let go is a song you wouldn’t have heard if you chose to not watch the Netflix credits. And if you are anything like me, some of us only heard the song on Beyonce’s Insta stories. Serves us right!!1 true fans watch until the end Like True Marvel Fans.

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