BEYONCE FUPA. Beyonce where is your fupa
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Beyonce, where is your FUPA! How you got rid of it?

Beyonce, where is your fupa

Beyonce recently launched Adidas x Ivy Park and the launch was phenomenal. Beyonce on Instagram posts whenever she wants and I am guessing she posts only and when she is being paid to do so. If South African Instagram models like Faith Nketsi mostly post when or if they are being payed. I take it Beyonce, the Queen of Pop music and a legendary fashion Icon, possibly only posts when she is being paid, as well.  The last time I saw Beyonce performing or rather, the last time Beyonce promoted  something HUGE on her Social media, was when she was promoting Coachella (Beychella) on Netflix. So, curiously, I ran over there and watched the Beyonce Netflix Special and it was remarkable. What stood out for me though, was her work ethic and how she lost all that baby weight AND, how she still had a fupa. So, the Beyonce fupa is a point of interest for me.

Actually, Beyonce talked a lot more about her fupa on and in her own words, quoted from VOGUE she says, ‘To this day my arms, shoulders, breasts, and thighs are fuller. I have a little mommy pouch, and I’m in no rush to get rid of it. I think it’s real. Whenever I’m ready to get a six-pack, I will go into beast zone and work my ass off until I have it. But right now, my little FUPA and I feel like we are meant to be. Read the full interview HERE.

Beyonce is, according to me, one of the hardest working women on earth. And this is not to take away from all the other hard working women we do not see or rather who are not famous. But when it comes to celebrities, Beyonce works damn hard. Maybe it’s because we constantly see her working hard. She brings us into her life at almost all major moments of her life, when she feels like sharing those moments. So, reading about Beyonces’ Fupa and really and honestly understanding the difficulties of losing weight, because I do not have children, I can relate to her only in that way.

My mother is also a hard-working woman and she works hard for us, even though some of us are married with kids. My mother is a super woman and I’m sure, given the same amount of money as Beyonce and gifted with the same exposure, all our mothers would have been on the worlds top and hardest working people on earth. Our mothers do so much for us.

Beyonce has always been a super star. Since the tender age of 16 she has always loved being in front of the camera. Lol look at me, talking about Beyonce as if I raised her. #RollsEyes. So, being the hard-working woman that the Queen of pop and RNB Is, it was exciting seeing her launch the Adidas x ivy park collection. And what was more exciting was seeing her with the 6 pack she promised us she would get as soon as she felt that she was ready.

But Beyoncé’s fupa is not there and I feel like since she told us about her journey as a mom and how she survived childbirth and how she did Coachella and how amazing she is and how she managed to do the Lion King Sound track in all Afro Beat greatness. Doesn’t it seem like she owes us an explanation on how she got rid of the fupa?

This fupa was a bone of contention to a lot of us. Because, when we saw her at Coachella, she didn’t look like she even had a fupa. Lol maybe it is the clothing she wore to hide it but whatever it is, WE NEED TO KNOW! Beyonce where is your fupa.

Beyonce’s Fupa

There are many ways a person can get rid of a fupa and according to  Live Strong here are a couple of ways you can lose the fupa naturally. But we are still waiting to hear how Beyonce did it. So, patiently waiting.

So, if you love Beyonce the way I do, here is a link to the Adidas X Ivy park launch where you can see Beyonce Model the sportswear brand in a unique Beyonce way. Adidas x Ivy Park HERE

Beyonce, we hoping, all of us at Beliciousmuse, that you will release a documentary on how you got rid of the fupa. Because we know that you still had it at Coachella, so Assemblief man, please share your secrets. Love you



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  1. […] still has a fupa, as a result of giving birth, and that she will work on it whenever she is ready. People praised her for it. But normal girls have similar and even greater insecurities than a belly that is displaced only 10 […]

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