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Better Than Us Review

Netflix Better Than Us

Better Than Us is a Russian Netflix Series based in Russia and in Russian. I was a bit skeptical to watch the series because of the Language. BETTER THAN US is Filmed in Russian. When it comes to foreign language movies or series, I prefer to read the subtitles because the inconsistency between the voices and the visual is really disturbing. But this time I watched Better Than us with English voice overs. Once I had prepared my mind that I will be watching this series with English voice overs, I really enjoyed it

The story line

Better than us is a series about a robot that was build, designed differently to all the other robots. She was created to be the ideal woman and to always put her family first and protect them.  She chooses her family based on algorithms and carries on her duties as a ‘loving mother and wife’.

I found myself wanting her to win. I found myself wanting her to succeed. The emotional roller-coaster Paulina Andreeva as Arisa, the empathetic bot of the new generation put me through, was astounding.

She gives user permission to Sonja, the youngest daughter, as well as her brother and later their father. BETTER THAN US is a story about how one robot goes to the ends of the world to make sure her family is safe. And it is amazing.  And it does not hurt that this robot is so beautiful. I was in awe at her beauty the whole time.

This robot can heal itself, obviously still behaves like a robot and needs to charge but, she has feelings!! She develops feelings and she develops cognitive abilities and she can make rational decisions based on the choices presented to her.  BETTER THAN US is a Netflix series you must watch. whether you watch it in Russian or opt to read subtitles or watch it in English, enjoy.  The cinematography is breathtaking and the English voice overs. Not so bad.

I’m so glad I chose to watch BETTER THAN US because I would have lost out on a great series just because it is in a foreign language.

Better Than Us English voice over edition

It was really surprising to see that most of the visuals went along with the words. I was not distracted with voices that weren’t in sync. I realized later than I hate watching English voice overs on Asian movies because the Asian, whom you would expect to have at least an Asian accent, ends up sounding like native Americans or a British person. Which doesn’t work for me, at all. The English voice overs in Better than US I must say, really impressed me. The show used the original names together with the Russian accent which really made me happy. And at times, Better than US would allow us to hear singing in Russian, which was a breath of fresh air.

Main Characters

The main Actress (Paulina Andreeva)did such a wonderful job at portraying a robot. Oh my gosh, I kept telling myself, oh my word, she is sooo pretty. It was hard to not be convinced at what she was selling. Literally that she is a robot.

Kirill Käro, does an awesome job in playing the loving father and broken and hurt husband. Standing at 1.86 meters tall, Kirill makes for the perfect distressed lead, patiently enduring lasting offenses and hardships.

Well, I am a huge fan of Science fiction and Fantasy and so BETTER THAN US was a normal choice for me. I found myself watching the series in a matter of two days. I enjoyed the series and towards the end felt satisfied if it never got a season two. #NoCliffHangers. A lot of series start getting lethargic when producers, networks and directors push for a season two. Some series should just remain ONE SERIES. Done. The beginning and the end.


When you think about Robot movies or series, one imagines I robot by Will Smith and perhaps district 9. While both of these movies have main character that interact and look like robots, Better than us has so much more. The modern robots look like us. Real people. There are obviously old-school robots that form part of the Netflix series, but the intriguing ones are the ones that look like normal people.

The accompanying storylines

Apart from the Robot and the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE STORY LINE, This series has some real and interesting stories intact. The story does not just center around robots. There are real issues of crime, passion, love and greed all embedded in this ONE SERIES. One falls in love with a friend. A friend falls in love with an enemy. Crimes are solved with precision and family’s are broken and put back together again all in the space of 16 episodes.

This is a series you must watch if you are into science fiction and fantasy. It’s also a series you must watch if you speak Russian. Better than us is a series you must watch if you enjoyed Altered Carbon, Star trek Discovery and Orphan Black etc.



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