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Best Teeth whitening GUM mouthwash

One thing i love most about being a Fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger are the PR Packages. I must mention that getting a PR Package doesn’t mean i have to give a positive review. But not all PR Packages are created equal. The Sunstar Gum PR Package from IVO Health is a real good one. I received it Seven days ago and i’m only writing my review 7 days later. I’m doing this because I got the opportunity to test the SunStar Gum tooth paste, floss, Sunstar Gum zero Alcohol Teeth Whitening mouth wash and the electric tooth brush. And, after using them for a week, i seriously do not see myself going back to my old ways of cleaning my mouth and brushing my teeth ever again.

Gum Mouthwash is synonymous to healthy smile and Healthy gums

healthy gums HEALTHY smile
GUM mouthwash

There is something about GUM and its natural teeth whitening abilities that really makes you feel as if ALL the bacteria in your mouth is gone immediately after the first wash. I know, its silly, cause its obviously impossible. But there are THREE steps you can include in your morning and evening tooth brushing ritual that can drastically bring the percentage of bad bacteria in your mouth to a very low number, and increase your teeth’s white appearance.

Three Steps to healthy and original white teeth

Step 1: Brush – brushing alone is not enough for a clean mouth or for whiter teeth because it only removes 50% of plaque. GUM has a wide range of toothbrushes for optimum cleaning. The toothbrush that i absolutely swear by is the GUM Activital Sonic Power Toothbrush. It has soft vibrations and i love that you can use it the same way you brush with a natural tooth brush while its busy removing plaque between places a normal tooth brush would find hard to reach. Its absolutely amazing.

Step 2: Interdental – cleaning between the teeth with floss helps keep gums healthy by removing food particles and plaque from between the teeth and below the gum line. Which decreases the pile up of bacteria that eventually leads to tooth decay and yellow teeth. And we are looking for the best products for a healthy smile and brighter whiter teeth.

Combined with brushing, flossing will remove up to 70% of plaque. You see, we have already reached 70 percent plaque removal. GUM has the widest range of inter-dental tools available in South Africa, to make cleaning in-between easy and convenient.

Step 3: Custom Care– GUM has a range of specialist oral care products to suit your personal needs and my favourite is the tongue cleaner which isn’t featured in this post. But check it out HERE and HERE.

GUM original White Rinse

Now, we cannot call it a wrap if we have not talked about the GUM Mouthwash and its amazing abilities to whiten teeth or rather give teeth their original white look. The GUM Zero Alcohol Mouth wash is a dream. First of all, there are different ranges of GUM products and so the one i’m talking about is the Gum teeth whitening fluoride mouthrinse .

The GUM Original White range for naturally white teeth and healthier gums is a natural teeth whitening GUM mouthwash with an improved alcohol-free formula that is scientifically proven to effectively remove stains and help prevent their reappearance, it does this while strengthening gums and teeth.

Teeth whitening Gum mouthwash

Teeth Whitening MouthWash

Original White Rinse’s StainClear stain-control solution gently removes stains from tooth surfaces while providing a protective coating that prevents stain glue and accumulation. The combination of Fluoride & Isomalt promotes advanced mineralisation for stronger and shinier teeth. Pro-Vitamin B5, Vitamin E & Allantoin help keep gums firm and healthy and sparkling white.

As said earlier, after having used GUM for about a little over a week now, i CANNOT GO BACK to my normal way of cleaning my mouth. EVER!! Nope, not happening. Hope you found this information helpful in choosing your next Mouthwash, tooth paste or floss.



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