best pizza in south africa

The Best Pizza in the Country

I love pizza. The best Pizza Perfect. Unfortunately i haven’t had pizza in months because of Keto. I’m currently so over it. The high fat. I’m actually over a lot of things. I’m over depriving myself, but in the same breath, I’m over not taking better care of myself. 2019 is a year of more health is wealth and we only live once.

My favourite pizza is currently from Pizza perfect. As the name suggests. Its literally, figuratively, deliciously and in all ways perfect. This pizza has the best and thinnest crust.
The pizza is made in a fire, traditional oven. When i say this pizza is perfect i mean it.

Pizza Perfect reminds me of the pizza Cappuccinos used to sell. My favourite pizza at Cappuccinos used to be the Sicilian. Its salty, let me warn you, but the best part about the Sicilian are the anchovies. Party in my mouth. My sister and i used to enjoy Cappuccinos pizzas, unfortunately the Cappuccinos in Brooklyn Mall moved and Menlyn Mall is too far to go to eat pizza. Even though its delicious.

Pizza Perfect delivers in your area, if you live close enough. If not, you can always order for pick up.

My favourite pizzas from Pizza Perfect are
1. The Vegetarian with extra olives
2. Mexicana
3. Chicken and Mushroom, obviously.
4. Mafiosa
5. Spicy Chicken

I loved pizza so much, at one point it became my password. Absolutely ridiculous. Anyway… if you love pizza as much as me, try pizza perfect, if you haven’t already.

If Pizza Perfect is far out or not available, i will settle for Debonairs and Romans pizza, thin crust. Or just order chicken or a salad or something else from somewhere else.I love Italian pizza but not too much of a fan of pasta.
And, with anything, eat in moderation. I eat pizza about once a week… and even then, i spend some time in the gym, so not really scared of weight gain… health is wealth and we only live once.



best pizza in south africa

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