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Best Makeup Brands for Dark Skin feat. Estee Lauder Rich Cocoa

For as long as I can remember I have been a makeup skin tone that is close to dark skin but not light skin either. But to get the perfect dark skin makeup for my beautiful skin, I’ve had to really go out of my way, shopping, trying on testers, buying the wrong shade, spending more money on Dark skin makeup just to find that it’s not the one, then resorting to mixing a couple of dark skin makeup shades, to get the perfect dark skin makeup shade for me.

In the recent past years, I’ve come to appreciate any and all makeup brands that go out of their way to produce makeup for dark skin tones. And, not just any dark skin makeup. I’m talking about different hues and different undertones of dark skin makeup.

My top 10 Dark skin Makeup are the following. After years of hunting and recently being surprised with a now flooded market of dark skin makeup. We have a few brands to thank and a few new ones to congratulate for getting on the brown skin makeup band wagon.

Top 8 Best makeup brands for dark skin

  1. Lancôme: Lancôme has been a leader in dark skin makeup for years. I am sure that there has been other brands in the past that have put brown skin makeup as a priority in brand marketing but ever since 12 Years a slave, Lupita Nyongo has been the face of Lancôme Makeup. Showing us brown skin girls that there are foundations out there that don’t necessary cater to only medium to fair complexions. 
  2. Estee Lauder has been a bit surprising to me. I didn’t think that Rich Cocoa would look so good on me. To be fair, I don’t use too much of it while applying foundation. I put a little and it goes a long way. The perfect foundation shade for me would be a mix between Estee Lauder Rich Cocoa and Estee Lauder Deep Spice because my skin is not that rich aka red. I have more of a neutral to a warm yellow undertone than a red undertone.  Anyway… regardless of the name of the foundation I use, Estee Lauder Double wear is a foundation that caters to different skin tones as well as different undertones and that is what makes Estee Lauder one of the most prestigious makeup brands suitable for dark skin tones for ALL brown skin makeup needs.
  3. L’Oréal has 45 makeup foundations for every skin tone. My go to Loreal Infallible foundation colours are Deep Amber or Deep Golden. Unfortunately, L’Oréal Didn’t have too many shades in the past of their matte foundations for dark skin. The only two foundations for dark skin tones were Cappuccino and Mahogany. We thank the makeup Gods that L’Oréal has released 22 shades of the Infallible Pro-Matte foundations for every skin tone but more importantly for brown skin girls.
  4. Other Best Makeup brands for dark skin are the New range by Maybelline. It’s the Maybelline fit Me Foundation. I use the colour 360 and boy is it PERFECT for my skin tone. The reason why Maybelline Fit me is perfect for Brown skin is because Maybelline is about matching skin tone and texture. Maybelline fit me Foundation is a Mattifying liquid formula ideal for normal to oily skin. My skin isn’t necessarily oily, but my skin  gets oily during the day. So, having a foundation perfect for oily skin is all that I need to live my best life.  It is the perfect shade of brown with golden undertones. Perfect for me.
  5. If you haven’t tried the Essence Soft Matte mouse, you have been missing out on a good Foundation brand for Dark skin women. I personally use the Colour 56 and 60. I can use either or depending on the weather, season and tan. Essence Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up Matt Mahogany is dermatologically tested and easy to apply. Essence soft touch mousse makeup offers a natural and matte finish. The Matte Mahogany and the Essence Matte Hazelnut are my go to Best makeup brands for dark skin in the ESSENCE foundation range. Sometimes with foundations, there are two or three very close colours tightly similar, and in my case,  I can get away with wearing both the Essence Soft Touch Matte Mahogany and the Essence Matte Hazelnut. As I said, my skin is not rich but it is warm to neutral.
  6. NARS natural radiant long wear foundation. There’s long wear And then there’s strong wear. NARS’ first 16-hour foundation Is untraceable, unstoppable and unlike anything else. NARS Natural Radiant Longwear foundation is High coverage and super natural. Its breathable, fade-resistant formula is infused with Raspberry, Apple, and Watermelon extracts to help smooth and improve the look of your skin instantly, and over time. NARS foundation Wears longer, stays stronger and looks better with each hour. Specialized skin-matching technology ensures your most natural match yet and NARS caters to Brown girls, regardless of undertone and hue.
  7. Fenty Beauty Pro Filter: This foundation is literally sold out everywhere, especially the dark shades, which is a good indication of how good it is. Girls that have tried Fenty Beauty foundation love the filter-like finish it gives their skin. It also blurs hyperpigmentation and gives that gorgeous airbrushed glow. You won’t stop taking selfies. It’s safe to say that soon as Fenty Beauty launched its all-inclusive shades for all skin tones, other makeup brands that previously didn’t care about the darker skin tone girls, suddenly started releasing makeup ranges for darker skin tones. Fenty beauty is a good makeup rivery and perfect for bringing competition to the otherwise one sided shade of the beauty industry.
  8. My Love story with Clinique began when I first started working. The only makeup I used In my first year of being employed was simply eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. I thought I had the best skin so, why cover up? My friend Slindile was also working, but she was at Department of Water Affairs so I decided to one day go and visit her. We chilled until knock off time then her then boyfriend called and told her that he is outside. She took out a Clinique compact powder and instantly transformed. Her skin was just so beautiful. I was in love with the Clinique compact powders because it was simple. A foundation and powder all in one. Ever since, I’ve used the Clinique Even better for foundation and I gravitate towards colour  amber and  Clinique Even Better Foundation Spice.

The Estee Lauder Foundation I’m holding is Rich Cocoa. And it is the inspiration behind this post. I hope you find the perfect Makeup shade for you my dark skin tasty Chocolate, Gorgeous  Sisters and I also hope you find the perfect foundation shade for you my medium, Caramel Attractive Sisters and I hope you get the perfect Makeup foundation for you my fair, Vanilla beautiful sisters.

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