Best Floral Bodycon dress for almost any shape

One thing about me, I will wear whatever makes me happy and I will wear whatever makes me feel the sexiest. This Long sleeve Floral bodycon dress was the perfect outfit to wear at the beginning of winter. I did not have to wear a jacket over it because it was not that cold, and it has long sleeves. I felt so beautiful. Also felt sassy and I am thinking it is because of the sheer nature of the bottom part of the dress. I love dresses created for women. I love dresses created to empower. And while I recognize that empowerment looks different in every culture, ethnicity, and race. At this present moment empowerment to me is a Floral bodycon dress with long sleeves and subtle sheerness towards the knees. Impeccable.

Florals will never get out of style. I have never seen a floral dress, shirt, pants, or blouse that I felt was dated. The beauty about flowers is that they bloom all year round but most flowers bloom in the spring /summer. So, it makes sense for Spring summer collections to have flowers in them. I remember watching a devil wears Prada and thinking, wow, Miranda, how ruthless of you to say that a spring summer collection with florals is boring. But the reality is that that is very possible. It is very possible to create a spring/ summer collection based only on florals which could go either left or right. That is why the Prabal Gurung SPRING  2022 READY-TO-WEAR show at New York Fashion week was so iconic. See the runway images here.

Flowers Bloom where its warm

Most flowers bloom in Spring but remember spring occurs at various times in each hemisphere. I would resemble it to the saying, its 5 o’clock somewhere in the world. As you would expect, springtime is the peak growth time for flowers and most other flowering plants. Part of the reason that spring and summer are so popular for weddings — beyond the gorgeous weather — is the wider availability of flowers. (“What Flowers Are in Season? A Seasonal Flower Guide”)

Women are flowers

Guys have this tendency when it comes to dating whereby, they ask the girl to come to his house on a first date. I always find it disrespectful and very forward. And it does not matter what you may say about what I am about to say but being invited to a guy’s house on a first date shows me that the person is either not serious about me, lacks creativity, or is just looking to score some booty. I get turned off very quickly when I am invited to a guy’s house. If I am feeling friendly ill respond by saying, I am a flower I deserve to be seen. If I am in a bad mood I just block and keep it moving.

Nature and Florals

I am not an indoors person. And as I get older, I find myself declining invites that promise a cosy indoor weekend or dinner date. I love dinner dates at restaurants with a view or at picnics at a safe park ANYWHERE. I Love adventure. I love adventure so much that when  I am given the opportunity to either go hiking or go watch a movie I will choose the movie only if the movie is being shown outdoors. I love the fresh air, the mixing of good energies and  being one with nature.

Where to wear Floral Bodycon dresses

Floral dresses are easy to style. I usually wear the shorter ones to dates. But this floral midi dress is also perfect for an evening night out because of its sheerness. It covers just enough and leaves a lot to the imagination.

Wearing shapewear with Floral Bodycon dress

I believe girls should do whatever they want, whenever they like and with whomever they please. But I will give you my opinion on shapewear. Shapewear helps me to feel more confident in dresses. The world has a cruel way of making girls feel like there is more we should be doing to get the bare minimum appreciation by society. Which is B.S. The truth is that I could have decided not to wear the shapewear and these images would still have looked great. But wearing shapewear made me happy and I liked the cinched waist the shapewear gave me. The shapewear I am wearing is from Woolworths. Leave a comment if you would like me to link the shapewear or do an entire blog post about it.

Also, wearing a waist trainer with this dress is the perfect combination because the ruched front and back detail hides all the humps that would have been visible if this dress was not a floral bodycon long sleeve dress.

So here are a couple of places you can purchase dresses that are like THIS ONE on the internet. The first one must be SHEIN. These guys are amazing when it comes to cute, affordable, and strong dresses for ladies. Take a look at this outfit on SHEIN and shop more of the floral dress option HERE, HERE, HERE AND HERE . I tried looking for gorgeous Floral Bodycon dress on Superbalist but could not find it.


But we cannot end this blog without giving praise to the photographer Kagiso Motlhamme who can be found on Instagram @kaygism. Please like and follow his page. A brilliant photographer. So happy these images came out the way I had anticipated. Forever grateful for making me look good. Thanks KG.



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