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As Pretoria fashion bloggers, To wear any of Athalias Marvelous creations is always like waking up from a good dream.
You feel refreshed, relaxed, happy and ready to take on the day.

Just a little background; This dress was designed for me to wear to SA Fashion week but I was in a hurry to get there and the dress wasn’t yet done (we had started late) , plus I couldn’t wait or i would have missed day two of SA Fashion week and I didn’t want that. When I finally went back to pick up the dress after the roller coaster of Fashion week, I was blown away at the finished product. This blush pink, short and pleated dress almost made me cry. I was so happy!!!  Remember I left without seeing it done? Well… it was finally wearable and even prettier than I had imagined! Athalia Pilane had overdone herself one more time.  Whenever I go to her office to pick up dresses or for fittings I’m always amazed and in awe when I see other customers come pick up their dresses as well  and they look super stunning.

These Pretoria Fashion blogs images were taken by, I have to say this, the one and only Siyabonga Mfuphi, he always cusses me out if I don’t, but I understand, give props where props due.

This dress is perfect for weddings, lunch and light hanging out, can’t be too rough because it’s short – Know What I mean? Yep. I wonder why I asked her to make it this short though … Oh wait, I remember, I wanted to show off my legs -Lol- But the legs would have been shown off even if the dress was a bit longer. #OhBeatrice

Anyway… In other news, because the dresses are designed to your specifications, you can make them as short or as long as you like. Book an appointment with Athalia using this number for your December outfit before she goes on leave:  +27 82 699 4540. Or send her an inbox on her page: Tell her i sent you and you might get a discount.

Love you guys and thank you for the read.


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  1. Stunning stunning creation and showcased masterfully by the model. True African inspiration leaks from this visionary piece.

  2. Elijah Yulu says:

    Good day,

    Just want to know who designed the dress and where can we find the model so that she can do some work for us. Elijah Yulu

    1. All details on the blog.. In the above article. Email for more info

  3. TY for this post, it has been quite helpful to me! Much better written than other bloggers out there.

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