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10 Best dressed men Durban July 2019

Durban July Happened this past weekend and although we shared with you the best dressed Durban July 2019 from the women side. We thought that we would be doing a disservice if we didn’t share best dressed men Durban July 2019. Our Twitter feed was filled with dapper looking handsome men in Suits and soon as we found our Top Picks, we couldn’t resits but share with you guys.

1 . Best Dressed Men Durban July 2019 wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include Mr Maps Maponyanye himself. Some of you might know our obsession with Maps Maponyane. But if you are not familiar, read all about it HERE. Maps Maponyane is best dressed Durban July 2019 in a David Tlale Suit.

The Suit takes inspiration from Nigerian Traditional men’s wear. Of which you can see more HERE. Maps Maponyane at Durban July 2019 looked like Royalty.

2. The Naked DJ Looked fashionable in a semi-tight West African inspired Green Suit. The Naked DJ wore a pair of Black shades and brown shoes that toned down the green outfit. He looked dapper in the sun and also looked like he was enjoying himself

3. K.O is not just talented in Music. He hinted in a twitter post that his accolades should now also include Fashion Designer. He created this suit himself. And a great job it was. K.O brought a sense of uniqueness to the Durban July 2019. He shyd away from being ordinary and it really worked out for him. K.O is best dressed Durban July 2019 because his suit is actually really nice AND he designed it himself. Kudos to you.

4. Move over Mark Zuckerburg, Sam Holdings is here. Sam Holdings arrived in Durban with such an impressive convoy, he could have easily been mistaken for a head of Sate or some very rich guy. The Later seems true thou. Sam from Sam Holdings was looking dapper and simple. A combination not many can achieve. If its too dapper then its usually over the top. If its simple, its usually boring. Sam perfected the look.

5. Come Party with PH. Before we label PH as owning a transformer. Lets first admit that his car looks like a transformer. You can check out that references HERE and HERE. That being said, it was rare seeing PH without his car on the 6th of July on twitter. But who wouldn’t wanna show off his car any chance he gets if his car looks like THAT!!! PH looked handsome in a Blue, Green suit that matched the colour of his car PERFECTLY. And you know what they say about cars right? Life’s too short to drive a boring car.

best dressed men durban july
best dressed men durban july

6. We love Reason and his elegant use of African accessories with his suit. Its amazing how adding or subtracting a small detail does wonders for a suit. It can make or break a look. If you can imagine Reason’s suit with the colorful accessory, the Suit is simple but modern and on trend. By adding African accents on the suit, the suit becomes a master piece of dashing elegance and goes hand in hand with the Durban July 2019 Theme.

7.Zulu Makhanini looks contemporary in a flattering Maroon Suit and matching tie. There is not much we can say about the look other than the fact that it made our 10 Best dressed Men Durban July 2019 looks. What we love most about this look is how good he looks in this suit as well as the suspenders.

9. Proverb looked very ethnic in his choice of Suit and accessories. His looked comprised of a snake skin print Jacket and faun coloured pants. The fit was accessorized with a gentleman’s hat that complimented the look perfectly. More accessories included the brown bow-tie, the brown man bag and brown shoes. Every thing looked snazzy

10. Dj Tira didn’t come to play at Durban July 2019. He came to look good and also make money. The combination we all try to pull off. Some with luck and some just simply failing. DJ Tira did the damn thing. Known for his eccentric looks, DJ Tira didn’t disappoint as he included a belt around his waist, the same colour as parts of his suit.

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