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The Shocking truth: La Senza Bras compared to other Bras

Growing up, for the most part, my bra size was 32C. That lasted for a couple years until fell into depression and started oversleeping and over eating which resulted in gaining some mass. I am, however, thankful that my body is proportionate to such an extent that when I do gain weight, I gain It everywhere. So, since I got so used to wearing A bra size 32C, I was in denial that my body had changed and that I needed new bras.  The denial was so problematic that I kept on buying the wrong kinds and types of bras. Everything improved after getting a few La Senza Bras

Wearing the wrong bra size got so bad that my boobs would fall out of the bra cup. I don’t know if any of you ladies have experienced the same thing. When I bent, the boobs would literally have a mind of their own. The other thing that got me annoyed was that having been a bra size 32C, I hardly wore bras. Wearing bras annoyed me, but in retrospect, I’m sure wearing bras annoyed me only because I was wearing the wrong kind of bra.  Too small, too tight, too see-through, too push up, arg, the list goes on.

I eventually matured to a bra size 34DD.  It was difficult, but it had to be done. Wearing bigger bras, or ‘double digits’ makes it hard to shop for bras, or get cute pretty ones. If you are looking for a cheap bra, any size, you can and will always find it. But, if you are looking for a very good bra, affordable and durable, you won’t go wrong if you start shopping at LASENZA South Africa.

Lasenza Bras are Famously sexy, infamously naughty. The fashion destination for the hottest trends in bras, panties and playfully sexy lingerie at guilt-free prices. The only unfortunate thing about Lasenza is that their bra sizes, online, end at Size 38DDDD, because bra sizes can range anywhere between an A-CUP and an R-CUP and beyond if you want a customized one.

La Senza Bras are…

La Senza Bras are some of the cutest bras on the market. La Senza bras have pretty detail and design and they are made for WOMEN. Some La Senza Bras one can wear ‘outside’ at a fashion event with a cool, vintage jacket on top. Depending on the bra type you choose, full coverage bras give you full coverage. There WONT be a peeping nipple or unnecessary cleavage. La Senza bras say what they do, cover and provide support while looking hella cute, sexy and making one feel more desirable.

One other bra brand I stand by ever since I’ve had to start wearing bigger sized cup bras are  Playtex.

Purchase the bra i’m wearing Directly from La Senza HERE or visit a Store near you.

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