waist trainer

Wear the waist trainer, you will explain later

Kim Kardashian and the modern waist trainer

When I think about the women Waist Trainer, the person that comes to mind is Mrs. Kardashian West. There have been countless celebrities over the years, even before Kim Kardashian that have shown us some positive effects of waist training for weight loss or simply that hour glass figure. But to be fair, our mothers did it way before it was so all over mainstream media.

Waist trainer after childbirth

In other parts of the world when a woman gives birth, they tie the tummy with a cloth to help the muscles heal or come back together. Some might say that childbirth is a normal process and that the tummy will get back to its normal size on its own. While that might be true, child birth is traumatic on the body. The human body is amazing and it usually heals itself after a cut but we use ointments and bandages to help it heal faster and better. The double belt waist trainer after child birth works in a similar way.

Other benefits of waist trainers

You can train your body to have great posture! Wearing a waist trainer can help to straighten and realign your back while encouraging new posture habits. They often feature metal bones within them which in tern reduces the instance of bending your back while relieving pressure on your spine.

Waist training is not the easiest thing to do. Its hard work and needs you to be committed, but do not over-do it. If you are committed, you should try the shapewear shorts

Never underestimate a woman’s need to look snatched and beautiful

I think every woman should care about how she looks if she wants to realize a comfortable level of success and self-sufficiency. They (male and female) judge us according to our looks and how we present ourselves.

Quite a bit of research has tried to determine how many seconds it takes before a person to forms a judgment of someone they meet. Their brains calculate your value in terms of age, social standing and how approachable you are within thirty seconds or less. It is said that first impressions are formed in less than a tenth of a second. Food for thought!

Why women wear makeup and men lie

Men fall in love with a woman’s looks and women fall in love with a mans words aka the lies! LOL. So because we are ALL lying to each other; Wear the waist trainer, glue on the false lashes, create a smooth skin by using foundation and live your best life my love! You will explain later!




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