beige cut out dress

Dark Romance in a Beige cut out dress

Dark Romance in a Beige cut out dress.

Beige cutout dress: It’s been a while since the last time I posted on A lot can happen in two weeks. I’ll share with you the good and I’ll also share with you some of the bad. They say that time flies and that is very true. One minute you are happy the next minute you are in the trenches crying every single day. But what I have learned throughout my entire life is that this too shall pass. If it’s good, this too shall pass. If it is bad, this too shall pass. And this is so evident in the fact that every single day the sun rises but every single day the sun also sets. I’m so lucky that when the sun had risen on this particular day Kagiso and I was able to take pictures of this beautiful beige cut out dress.

We looked for the sun and found it. The son loves me. The sun loves my skin. The sun loves my face and over the years Kagiso and I have learned to find the sun figuratively and literally. I’ve known Kagiso for years and we’ve been through a lot together and apart. There were times when I thought id never forgive this long-time friend of mine and found myself months later wishing I had forgiven him sooner. And here we are, years later still working together. Imagine how this would have ended up if we had burned bridges.

I have been blessed enough to experience the beauty of life in its most holistic state. I’ve also been very fortunate to have experienced the very bad side of life that comes with tears and heartbreaks and been fortunate enough to not have lost myself completely. But should I call it being unlucky or can I just call it being human? In that case, I’ve been human enough to have experienced human things and they have been good and they have been bad. There are so many times that I’ve come on here and shared with you guys real stories about my life. And sometimes I feel like I shared too much. But today is not that day. Today I’m going to share a lot more with you guys.

 Everyone is broken.

The beauty of women is that most of us talk to each other. And therefore, when a tragedy strikes, I pick up the phone and call my friend. I call her and I cry and she sits there and just listens.  She might offer condolences, offer a sorry, and sometimes offer some help. And then I will cry again the following day, pick up the phone again,  call her, cry again, and do it again the following day.  I’m sure my friends get sick of me crying sometimes over stupid things but I appreciate that they don’t show me or make me feel like a burden. I don’t feel judged even if they are judging me because I know that I need to get over this situation. And the only way for me to do that is for me to feel everything! To allow me to break down! To allow me to unravel at the seams. Allowing myself to do those things is the only way I have been able to rise from the ashes. If I had bottled everything in, I would not be alive today

 A dark romance.

The first thing I saw as I opened my eyes that morning was his beautiful face. He smiled and whispered; good morning beautiful. I smiled and leaned over to kiss him. It was easier for me to show him that I loved him. Whenever I told him that I loved him I always felt like it wasn’t enough. He was so good to me. Actually, He gave me everything I wanted. He was sweet and kind, sensual, and very In tune with my wants and needs. I loved that about him but it’s the one thing I also hated. It seemed like all he lived for was me. He asked me where I wanted to eat, what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go. And we would do me. But when it came to know him, I don’t think I knew him at all. He lay there while stroking my hair, kissed me on my forehead, and walked to the bathroom for his morning shower.

How did I get so lucky? Why was I so blessed? I decided to stop questioning it and allow myself to enjoy it all. We had been together for 6 months and everything felt so real. He took me ring shopping the other day. He said he wanted to know my ring size. I felt butterflies but also anxiety. It had only been 6 months. Was I ready?

Steven enters the bedroom door and throws himself on the bed with me. I love you; he whispers. Simply cannot wait for us to start a family together. I sigh with excitement, but I am holding back thoughts. Can I love this man forever? I’ve never asked myself such questions before with any of his predecessors. But I am asking this question as he holds me in his arm and tickles me to get out of bed. I’m laughing like a schoolgirl, and I think he believes it. I’m literally putting up an Oscar performance at this point. I walk to the bathroom and turn on the shower. This i can’t do… I think to myself.

4 days later I get a text from him saying, I don’t think I can do this with you anymore. He goes on to say, I think we should break up. I stare at the text with mixed emotions. I feel confused and angry. Such a coward, he isn’t even brave enough to offer me the decency of a call.  Four days ago he wanted to have children with me and discuss our future.

What happened?

What went wrong? Was it something I did? I guess we will never know. And I do not want to find out. I delete the entire conversation and never respond to his stupid text. What an idiot! if only he knew what I thought of him. If he hadn’t broken up with me, I would have broken up with him. He looked too weak for my liking, undecided, a second-hand figure in society, a man whose lineage should end with him. He did not deserve to breed. A man who referred to himself as soft at every opportunity he got, and pieces of my love would chip away with his stupid statements. He was unrealistic and a prisoner in his own mind, a beta male with no backbone. But what does that say about me, why did I allow myself to date such a loser?

(Comment if you would me to post part 2)

The beige cut out dress.

You can find this dress at, SHEIN, LULUS, and Lunathi. I got mine at YDE but it’s currently out of stock. I once wore the beige cut out dress to a date. But I felt really uncomfortable because I felt like my boots were going to pop out. Turns out that the dress is solid and has good breast support. This YDE beige cut out dress is very modest at the bottom but not too modest at the top.  But if you are comfortable with cleavage then this is the dress for you. it’s beautiful on brown skin but you can find different shades that suit different skin tones. Please share this content, like this content and leave a comment. Until we meet again.


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