The world doesn’t give A SUCCESSFUL woman enough credit. Behind every successful man is a woman. To some, this might mean that she might not get the same support she needs from him when she is in the limelight, but to other strong, empowered women, it doesn’t matter: She has herself. Take Michelle Obama for instance, who probably encouraged and motivated Barack and, some might argue that without a woman like Michelle, Barack would have maybe never become the first none white Leader / President of the United States.

Being a successful  woman requires so much more than just being motivated and inspired daily by a significant other, one needs to have the drive within. “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Passion is everything.

Success is falling in heels from time to time but still wearing them graciously every day because they look awesome, classy and just irresistibly irresistible. Success is doing ordinary things like answering the phone but making it look and sound extraordinary. Success means doing all we can with the little we have even if it’s just a warm smile. What ever you decide, success is doing it over and over again, without fail and getting up when you fall with the prize in mind

In the end people will isolate themselves from you. You will spend lonely nights alone working on your dreams and cultivating your passion. You will have people questioning your ways, a lot of doubts thrown your way and from time to time, you will get demotivated

It will take time, two months, two years or even more but passion doesn’t fade and you shouldn’t either. At the end when you are finally successful, people will tell other people that they know you. When that happens, don’t be rude, arrogant or immature; Rise above small minded people that couldn’t see your greatness by allowing your success to speak for itself.

Greatness is seen by those who walk in the same path as you and understand you. Enjoy your money, encourage others, but don’t stoop to narrow minded people, it’s not their fault they couldn’t see beyond their limited vision.

And so ends our narration of the ideal woman, a lady of success, perhaps pushing a successful man and doing all that looking and feeling fabulous in princess heels and Grecian inspired jewelry. Behind every woman there is herself, stylish, fashionable, beautiful, down to earth, motivated, elevated, centered, skinny, boodylicious, belicious, sexy, thick and spiritual.

Everything you need is within yourself. Legends don’t stop, they ask what’s next.

Love you guys ?


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