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I didn’t have a clue about BeerHouse Centurion until I was sent the invite. To be totally honest with you, I don’t drink beer and wasn’t too excited to go attend but It’s never a bad idea to explore and wear a bit semi casual in the process  so , that’s what I did.

BeerHouse doesn’t only serve Beers  as the name suggests. There are a variety of drinks, which I enjoyed on this particular evening.  If you want to know more about the different beverages they serve,  and why this launch party was so important and exciting visits @BeerhouseCEN on twitter and follow the hashtag #MeetTheBrewers. You will find all that you are looking for.

We spent the night at BeerHouse Centurion learning about different beverages and what kind of food to pair them with. The Logic, in my personal opinion, is to avoid people from throwing up while drinking. Lol try eating a salad with vodka… #Amess. Nope, don’t tell me about it.  I think drinking anything that doesn’t go too well with the type of food going down your tummy can leave you feeling woozy. So food pairing or the art of food pairing is very important.

The food paired with these beers is not just meats. Each drink had its own special type of dish that would go perfect with and I found that interesting.

This was such an awesome evening sitting next to Lee and Siya and most importantly, meeting the brewers. #MeetTheBrewers.

Remember, BeerHouse Centurion does not only serve Beers, although beers are their specialty. There are none alcoholic drinks as well and great food.

The pictures taken at BeerHouse Centurion Launch were taken by none other than Marx Makhado. He is a brilliant photographer, affordable and high quality. It’s kind of weird right? How does affordable go with high quality? Well, it does. You can visit his website HERE and hopeful book a shoot at his studio or where ever outdoors.

Special thanks to BeerHouse Centurion for the invite.


What I wore:

Boots: Exact

Top, Pants and Belt: Legit

Hair Curls: Kardashian Beauty Curl defining gel.

Thanks for the read.

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  1. Thank you so much for coming and writing this review! The handsome fellow in the second photo is our manager Fanent, who has been with us since Day 1 in Cape Town.

    Randolf ‘head dreamer’ Jorberg

    1. Thank you for having me and… You are most welcome 🙂

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